Friday, February 22, 2008

Great effort Ayden!

Today our 14 year old son recieved his first Duke of Ed award. A representative came up from Melbourne to his school to hand it over at assembly. I have to show you all because it was such a great effort. There were the fun things to do, like the extra camp he went on to Hanging Rock, and all the sports for the physical education component.

Then there was the volunteering component. Ayden could be seen almost nightly trailing around Ballarat's public spaces in a pair of big, yellow rubber gloves collecting litter. Lots of people said "Good on you!" but still not the nicest activity for a teenage boy. Then there was the sewing. Ayden thought this was good to learn, but there wasn't much option at the time in the skills department - he was stuck with me. So lots of straight line sewing on the cushion, and then making his "Dilbert" dinosaur called "Dinostomp" that won him his prize on the Melly & Me blog.

We think you are great Ayden!

In my few minutes I have been working on my Happy Lion Bag and hopefully 2 versions will be done on the weekend, then I can add the pattern.

And I might get to list a few handmades on eBay!

Have a great weekend!


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Congratulations Ayden - you must be very proud of yourself!

Have a good weekend all of you!

Lucy x

Kitty said...

Very many congratulations to Ayden - I know those kids have to really work for that award. No wonder you're proud of him.

Lots of lovely 'making' things going on there too!

Have a good weekend. x


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