Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Show and Tell Tuesday

I thought I might do some show and tell Tuesdays. This is a picture of the first quilt that I made, over 9 years ago. Some of the girls at work encouraged me that I could do it, and gave me some magazines and headed me off to a patchwork shop. That was the start of the stash. This quilt doesn't come out of hiding very often as it is a "first go". Its hand pieced and hand quilted.

And my Valentines Swap Package has arrived at Patti's house in the UK! I am compulsively checking the front step and the back step for mine, but its not here yet. Check out Patti's blog Just another row for some pics. Here is the one I took before I posted it, just in case. The little chocolates are Bilbys, instead of rabbits that I thought might be nice to see in England.

I thought this pic was SO FUNNY! Yes, Matt did sit me down and tell me that maybe it wasn't THAT funny but I am still laughing about it and it brightened a big day at the office yesterday. And if it doesn't show properly - It's a Possum, a big fat furry Possum!

Have a great Tuesday!


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

That quilt is amazing for a first attempt Rachel - I couldn't do anything as good as that!

Patti and her children came over yesterday afternoon so I got to see the goodies you sent in person! I love that pail with the Aunty Cookie fabrics and the little chicken is something I've wanted to try making for years!

Have a good day. Lucy x

Patti said...

What a lovely quilt. And thanks again for the goodies.

the choccies are long gone. And the bag is doing sterling work.


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