Friday, February 15, 2008

Sweet things...

Some more sweet things from my son Kane. Kane made this heart at school yesterday for Valentines Day and has so carefully written "I Love You" in his best prep writing. I miss him everyday since he is my 'little boy'. He started school on 29 January and here is his pic on his first day.

I spent half yesterday worrying about 14 year old Ayden. As a fundraiser at school the kids can buy a rose and send it to someone. He was so brave and bought one for the girl in class that he likes AND he signed it. Now I remember being in year 9 ... and I hoped it would all go well. He came back smiling so I guess it was okay...
There was a big box of chocolates for me too from my husband x.

Thank you to everyone who has left a comment for me. I haven't worked out how to find your email addresses yet so I can reply but I will get there, and thanks Lucy for the link! I won't feel like I am talking to myself so much now! Thank you to anyne elso who would like to link to me - I'll be adding more as I get a few minutes.

And as promised here are some pics of my work in progress.

Pictured is the cardigan I am knitting for Maya from a very dated book from about 1993, my Leannes House "Living the Dream" stitchery quilt that I have had cut out since December waiting for me to sew it together. The stitchery is my Red Brolly "Sunshine in your Pocket" quilt that I pick up every now and again.

Enjoy your weekend everyone. Its swiming lessons for the boys at 9am, then 6 year old Callum is off to a party at 10am, and Ayden "the horder" and I am going through stage 2 of clearing out his room. And maybe some craft!


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Our half term holiday has just started with the children off today too and I have BIG plans to make them tidy their bedrooms - wish me lots of luck! I may re-emerge by the middle of next week! Lucy x

Patti said...

Wow. What great projects. Love the picture of the little one in his blazer.

Enjoy the tidying!


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