Sunday, February 17, 2008

What weekend?

Another weekend has gone and disappeared. I'll show you some of the things I have been up to.

Maya's doll and bear quilt finished. I am so pleased to see this done. You might be able to see some of the orphan blocks that I cut up to help add the 2 and a half inch squares. I also had Ayden chain piecing scraps that I passed him on the machine so that I could trim them up and use up those little scraps.

A trip to Lincraft to get some fabric for Ayden to make his Magoo pattern that he won on the Melly and Me blog. They were having a half price fabric sale. Some wool and buttons for Maya's cardigan happened to drop into the basket too, but I came out only spending $20 so I was pretty happy about that.

White choc chip buscuits made for the kids lunches, and again assisted by Ayden to help his next level Duke of Ed award skills.

I joined the Lucy Locket Bunny Hop Bunny Swap, and even managed to upload Lucy's banner - yay!

I added some patterns on Ebay I don't know how to do the links nicely yet, but this goes to my feedback (hopefully) and I you can look for my things for sale from there. Anyway, I am Rachel011

The first drawings for my free pattern Happy Lion Bag are drawn, and I have started on the free pattern writing for my stitchery bag tag or gift tag. I made this to go along with my "Its an adventure bag that I blogged about.
Kane wasn't well today, and it was hot here in Ballarat. Matt had gone to a clearing sale with his mate to buy some nursery gear from a former strawberry farm. I hear that there is a 6 and a half metre propagating setup in his trailer... I was feeling a bit house bound. We managed to do a swap at around three and Matt stayed with Kane and did some matchbox car tracks and the other three and I went off to the Eureka Pool for a swim and a chance to catch up with their friends. I'm ready for a good sit down now!

I hope your weekend was great!


Kitty said...

That quilt is so lovely! And your feedback at eBay is pretty impressive too! I'm so glad you started blogging. x

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Sounds like a busy weekend Rachel! I love the look of that bag you are designing and I'm impressed with Ayden's cooking skills too! Off to look at your ebay - you know how much I love buying patterns from you!!! Lucy x

Patti said...

sounds like a busy but enjoyable weekend.

My swap has arrived - thank you soooo much. I've put my current sock knitting straight in the bag - it fits perfectly.

I'll post some photos later.


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