Friday, February 29, 2008

Winners are Grinners

It was the boys Athletics day at school today, and I did the mad lunchtime rush to catch a bit of the action! I managed to see both boys run their relays and be awarded with their second place ribbons. Kane got a third too for "throwing things" - shotput I guess! Out boys are not the natural athletes - great swimmers but you know - we tend to run into gangliness... except Kane - he is short. So good on them!

Here are the posers, Callum and Kane.

I have had a frustrating week at work, and I have just whinged to my poor sister Chris who didn't ring to hear it all.. it was extra work, line manager (and friend) resigning and a laptop that may be politely handed back to the IT guy on Monday. Conferences in Melbourne for two days next week that I wasn't expecting. Okay, enough - I hear you.
Maya managed to play nicely while I tried to work it out. I have promised myself a bit of time on the sewing machine tomorrow to make a RABBIT and to sort out my mums birthday present from January. I'll have time next week on the train to work on it.

Lets finish on a happy note! It's the weekend tomorrow! Happy Friday!


Kitty said...

Awww, what lovely photos Rachel. Thanks for sharing. x

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Your boys did well! And I love those photos of Maya!!! I do hope the work situation sorts itself out - you need plenty of time for that bunny making!!!! Would you like a knitted bunny or a sewn one?????? Lucy xxx

Annie said...

Good on you for being a good mum and making the dash. I too have rabbits on my mind, but have just finished making a new school bag. Will post it tomorrow.


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