Monday, March 10, 2008


This weekend has been a bit of a my-side-of-the-family weekend.

However, first it was Callum's birthday on Saturday. It started with the presents, swimming lessons at 9am, a play with the presents, a trip to the other swimming pool for the afternoon then a dinner of fish and chip - that covers most of Callums favorite things. It's nice to be 7!

On Sunday it was the trip to Geelong for my neice Jada's 2nd birthday and to catch up with my Aunty Janet and Uncle Havard from the UK and my mother and her husband Paul who live in Adelaide.

Have a laugh a the group shot. And yes, that is my husband Matt hiding behind Maya. My sister Liz is expecting a baby ANY DAY!

And just because they look like such 2 year olds, here are Maya and her cousin Tiahni. My 2 sisters and I all had daughters within 6 months of each other.

It's such a hot day here in Ballarat and a day off for Labour day, we are hardly keen to take a step outside. Take a look at ric rac's blog who lives in the same country centre as we do. We are not doing a heap (except Matt who is at work poor thing..)

I hope you had a great weekend! Back tomorrow for show and tell.


Jodie said...

Hasn't it been gross. I rememebr when Ballarat was a cold place.

Working Mom Knits said...

What a wonderful birthday!

ps: the girls are adorable : )

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

How lovely to have a family get together and a birthday too! It's certainly not hot here - cold,wet, windy and miserable! Lucy x

mellyandrosie said...

Happy Birthday Callum!!!!!! Hope it was a beautiful day. Also a huge congrats about your bag being in Homespun - very exciting indeed!!!


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