Sunday, March 16, 2008

Monkey Madness

I've had a case of Monkey envy since we were working on Ayden's Magoo last weekend. He is nearly finished with just his tricky arms to go. I couldn't resist, and have just finished making two more. These will be going off to work with me tomorrow as a goodbye gift to my line manager of 2 years and friend of 9 years Karen.

Karen works with me in Ballarat, but lives in Melbourne and is the foster parent, along with her partner Leonie of two little boys aged 2 and 3. The little boy who is three also has some special needs but has improved in leaps and bounds since being placed with Karen and Leonie. The two monkeys are for the little boys. Oh, I am going to miss Karen so much! It's her last day tomorrow... Maya did fall in love with one of the monkeys and it has done a few rounds of the house strapped into her dolls stroller. I'm glad to see its 2 year old hardy.

I thought I would also post a couple of pics of the bag I have just custom made for Fiona. I just love this pattern by Rosalie Quinlan called "Nellies Sewing Bag_. It is one of my favorites patterns since it uses up scraps but holds HEAPS of sewing.

It's been another hot weekend in our heatwave with temperatures in the high 30's, and 36 degrees again tomorrow. I know it's Australia, but it isn't usually like this in mid March!

Callum had his birthday party on Saturday with his pack of friends. They all seemed to enjoy the movie and acted like excited 7 year olds! We were exhausted when we got back home. Kane went to his first primary school party today and came home a happy boy. He was changed straight into his bathers and sunscreened the minute he got home so we could all go to the pool (with the rest of Ballarat).

Our house is a mess and I still have to get the work and school things ready, it's 11.09 pm and it still hasn't cooled down. Matt's at his mates place having a boys night of playstation and it's nice a quiet here.

I hope you all had wonderful weekend and see you Tuesday for show and tell.


Kitty said...

Fabulous monkeys! I really must have a go at that Magoo pattern. And the bag is gorgeous ... do you know I've NEVER made a bag yet? Shameful, isn't it? *blush* x

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Your Magoos are fantastic and that bag is really good - I love the squareness of it! I'll have to look out for the pattern. Desperately trying to catch up after Friday's day out - I still need to make your card so I will hopefully get your parcel in the post tomorrow - it would be a bit rubbish if the swap organiser was late posting but it's feeling a bit tight at the moment!

Hope you get some cooler weather soon.

lucy xxx

mellyandrosie said...

YAY!!!! Beautiful Magoos!!!!! I can;t wait to see Ayden's completed buddy!!! Your Nellie's sewing bag is equally scrummy and congrats on getting your yummy quilt finished! There is nothing quite like finishing a quilt - satisfaction!!! Melly


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