Sunday, March 2, 2008

She'll be Apples..

Okay, maybe they don't look that much, but we are impressed. We have had our Pink Lady and Fuji Apple trees for a few years and these are the first really edible apples we have picked. There are more on the other tree but the birds were getting into these, so here they are!

Its been a pretty good weekend, for one that not much was happening. We have a couple of really busy weeks coming up, so it was good to spend one achieving at least something we wanted to get done. Even if it was just another level on the playstation, an area cleared in the garden or a RABBIT!

Yes, its nearly done, all but the finishing off and dressing up. I can't believe that it all came together so well and so easily. As a sneak peak I have posted the scraps...... I admit its come straight from a pattern, so I will have to think of a bit of a personal touch. I can't wait to be able to post a pic.

Well its that time on a Sunday - the kids are all clean and the lunches and uniforms are ready, readers signed and the homework done (fingers crossed). We have backed mixed berry and white chocolate muffins and rainbow cookies. Smoked salmon quiche in the oven and just a salad to whip up. I think I will just have a bit of a sit down and watch the tv.

I'll see you Tuesday for a bit of Show and Tell


Kitty said...

Oh, well done on the apples! Pink Ladies are my daughter's favourite apples - they haven't been in the shops for ages, so she's having to make do with Royal Gala at the moment!

The rabbit scraps look lovely - as does the sound of your lunch!


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

You are such a tease! Showing all those scraps! Can't wait to see the bunny!!!! Have a good rest of today - your meal sounds scrummy!


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