Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Show and Tell Tuesday ~ Ayden's Quilt

It's Show and Tell Tuesday again and this week I have picked Ayden's Quilt. I made this on my annual January holiday in 2007 when Ayden was 13 and I thought he could do with a BIG quilt that should last him through the years.

It also used up lots of my scraps!

Yesterday reached over 36 degrees and it was horrible. Ballarat has the reputation for being a cold part of Victoria, but when its hot, its really hot and most of us don't have air conditioners.

So Ayden and I got out the Magoo pattern he won on Melly and Me and made a start on it. It's pretty tricky for a 14 year old boy ... Ayden had a go at the arms and legs but just couldn't get the thumbs and hands right. After he had unpicked them twice I asked if he would like some help (think very hot and stuffy inside our house - frustration) and told him that he had drawn them out, would cut them out, trim curves etc so it was his work and I was just doing a tiny bit. Okay, I did them, then Ayden cut them out - too close - so they would fray. Oh no! Then he traced them out on the right side of the fabric instead of the back.... so we had a break and had dinner. A bit of teamwork and we got them sorted out.

As you can see, he is starting to look really good.

Tomorrow I am off to the Melbourne Stitches and Craft show. I have hardly had the chance to think about it, but I should have a nice stash to show you when get back! Ummm, and thats me in the black and white skirt in the family pic - I thought I had really ought to have owned up...


Jodie said...

Oooh let us know how it is - I am going friday ! I have some of that great spotty fabric as well - we obviously shop at the same place!

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Ayden's quilt is gorgeous - and i love the tale of the team work on Magoo! I'm so pleased you have told us which one was you on the photo - it's lovely to finally "meet" you in person! Lucy x

Kitty said...

Fabulous quilt ... and I love the Magoo. I have that pattern too, just haven't got around to having a go at it yet.


Annie said...

Magoo looks great - I'll have to have another go to keep my first one company. Hope you enjoyed Stitches. I'm off tomorrow with Ric Rac.

emma said...

Lovely to see you blogging Rachel!
I agree about Magoo - It was even a bit tricky for me at times!


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