Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Show and Tell Tuesday ~ Cotton Country

It's Show and Tell Tuesday again and this time I have picked this stitchery quilt. I made it from Bronwyn Hayes from Red Brollys book "Cotton Country". I love the animal pics adn the colours are a bit different for me. In 2006 I had "the year of finishing off.." I was feeling overwhelmed by the UFO's so I started completing them. Luckily the rules were that if I already had it, even just as a pattern, I could finish it. There are still a few around but I am working on them!

Kane came home today with his first birthday invitation since he started primary school. He was just so excited. I have been secretly worrying that he is not making friends, especially with Callum and his gang finding him to play with at the recesses. It looks like I should not have been worrying (big sigh of relief).

It is Callums birthday on Saturday. He is going to be 7. He is so, so excited. We have a lot on this weekend so his party will be the weekend after. A whole week of birthday if I know Callum!

In every spare minute I have been doing the birthday shopping. Today a bag for me appeared, and a pair of shoes. I must have been good. I have been working very hard :)

Have a great Tuesday and I will be checking blogs tomorrow to catch up with you all!


Patti said...

What a beautiful quilt Rachel.

Love the birthday shopping for *ahem* Callum. funny how those pesky things for you fall into the basket! Happens to me too.

Kitty said...

Another lovely quilt - how talented you are!

Happy birthday to Callum - hope his week long celebration goes well.


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Your quilt is gorgeous! And good for you to get a couple of nice things for yourself!

alda said...

oh, you have finished this quilt already in march! It's great!!!
I'm working on it now.


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