Sunday, April 6, 2008


On Friday night Matt and I were just so worn out. It's been a very busy week with work and the boys all on holidays. We didn't go to our works social drink nights and sat down in front of the TV and watched our team win. Hoooray! It gave me a chance to spend a few hours stitching a sampler cushion for Nate that I will hopefully finish off tonight. Nate has not been very well. He spent 3 days in intensive care with an infection but should be out tomorrow. xxxxx We will go and see him next weekend.

I did get the Owl bag done though to package his gifts in and a Pussycat is on its way for his 2 year old sister Tiahni. I have been waiting to make these up - great pattern Melly & Me! A quick trip to the shops on Saturday and I have enough to fill the bags. Ahhh baby shopping.

Today we all managed to go to the movies together - all 6 of us at once! How nice! Its going to be a mad start to the week with the boys not going back to school until Tuesday and somehow I have promised the world to work on so many deadlines. I just kept saying yes on Friday when the phone rang with others under pressure... keep your fingers crossed for me...


Jodie said...

Oh Rachel, saying No is not something I am very good at either. I have that same bag pattern and I had forgotten about it but you have just inspired me !!! Thankyou

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

I hope Nate is getting better - I bet you can't wait to see him!!! I need to get that pattern too - those bags are so gorgeous!

Lucy x

Kitty said...

Awww, that bag is wonderful - so cute.

Sorry to hear Nate has been poorly - thinking of him and the whole family.

Enjoy the movies! x


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