Sunday, April 13, 2008

Peaceful Dove and a sleeping baby..

See, I've done it, already stitched the next pattern in Lynette Andersons wonderful little Noah's Ark free block of the month. This little one only took me around an hour. It's so sweet!

I am trying really hard not to start anything until I have got my package for Homespun all compete, with the bag remade to perfection, pattern written and tested and the samples all done. I have a new respect for all those designers out there. With what started as a rummage through my scrap pile and has ended up a project for a magazine, I am struggling to work out how much fabric to list as needed.... will it scare people off making the bag if it looks like needing several fat 8ths that might make it expensive?

And here he is, my tiny new nephew Nate. Whoops, took a pic of him in the kitchen so it doesn't look that glamorous, but where else do you go to have a chat with your sisters! I thought we were just popping down to Geelong for a quick visit, but my mum and Paul turned up were there from Adelaide, and my other sister Chris and her family dropped in too. Poor tired Liz had a houseful.

He is just tiny, so tiny and what a blessing for Liz, Kevin and Tiahni.

I hope your weekend was full of wonderful new things x


blueberrylane said...

Little Nate looks perfect, glad to hear he is home safe and well. Don't fuss over the requirements, Homespun will look it over tooo, and it's best to have more than not enough.

May Kristin said...

So cute... both Nate and the stitchery!

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Oh he is so gorgeous!!! Almost makes me feel broody but not enough!!!! (3 is definitely my limit!)

Off to collect the little monsters from their sleepover at my mum and dad's (only about the third time they have all stayed away!)

Lucy x

dottycookie said...

That's a very pretty stitched block, but the baby is even cuter! There aren't many things to beat snuggling a sleeping baby :-)

Kitty said...

He may be tiny, but isn't he beautiful? A gorgeous baby. x


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