Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Show and Tell Tuesday ~ Scrap Happy!

In my lovely scrap parcel from Carey I discovered a heap of Poetry Collection Scraps and it reminded me of this scrap quilt I made a year or so ago. Perfect to drag out for Show and Tell.

This pattern was published in an old Australian Better Homes and Gardens magazine from the 90's that I had been saving for the quilt patterns. This one was designed by Jan Mullens and it is one of those sew and slash sort of blocks so every butterfly is slightly different. Cute!

And look what arrived in the post! I couldn't resist this scrap bag from Aunty Cookie I saw on Etsy and got in quick.

And the postie bought me this from the lovely Carey at Blueberry Lane. I feel so lucky to have recieved a scrap bag from Carey for the Melly & Me Scrap Challenge and its just packed full of wonderful fabric. Some favorites in there and some I have seen around. It's perfect - thanks Carey for the fabric, the squares, the little bag and the AMOUNT of fabric you squeezed into your parcel.

Today is World Earth Day, so happy Earth Day to you! A very busy day for me at work with corporate volunteering events being held around the country.

EDIT: Maree has just started her own new blog, so please go an visit her and say hello. Maree would like a fabric swap if anyone is interested! Make a new blogger feel really welcome.

Thanks too for all the new visitors who have left comments on my blog! I will be visiting you all over the weekend or sooner, and the regulars of course! x Rachel


May Britt said...

Your butterfly quilt is beautiful. Such lovely colours. You were lucky with your scrap swap package :)

quiltdude said...

The butterfly quilt is fabulous, I love it. Loving your scrap bags too, other peoples scraps are always far more interesting than your own for some reason.

Maree Weier said...

Hi Rachel! What a beautiful quilt. Beautiful swap stuff too!! I'm searching (without success) to find a swap I can be a part of... do you know of any off the top of your head that are still open to new people? I'd love to get involved! (I might email you via ebay and ask there....!)

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Your quilt is gorgeous - and two lovely bags of scraps! What fun! Lucy x

mellyandrosie said...

What a fabulous scrap swap package - yummy fabrics in there!!! And what a great scrap quilt - I love quilts and have a major hankering to make a new one at the moment - but I had better wait until I have a little more time!! Thanks for the congrats on the studio - I am loving it so very much and i will try and think of an ingenious way to make the end of a dining table miraculously change into a studio for you!!!!

Rhonda said...

Love the butterfly quilt and the goodies that you received thru the mail.


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