Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Show and Tell Tuesday ~ Mini Quilt and Maya's

For Show and Tell this week, I thought I would go for a nice little quilt. This is Maya's pram quilt and if there was every a disaster, this is one of our possessions I would grab and save. For lots of sentimental reasons I love it. Medical advice was no more than 2 children for me..

So here is it, made from lots of little 2 and a half inch squares, in the Seaside Rose range by three sisters. I bought the fabric all online so no one would guess I was having a little girl. Hand quilted in baby pink dmc thread.

And here is Val's mini quilt from Lucy's swap. I am so glad it arrived safely! I embroidered it, using some of the patterns by Bronwyn Hayes from her new pattern Quilt for a Daughter. Isn't it a good thing that Val likes pink!

Also very exciting, I joined the Russian Doll Swap at I'm a Ginger Monkey and my swap partner is Sarah at the Pesky Bombolino. Have a look at Sarah's blog! I'm so pleased that I have been introduced to Sarah and after having a look at her flickr account I am in desperate need for some new flower pin patterns!


maree said...

Rachel your Quilts are lovely, thanks for sharing.

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Maya's quilt is gorgeous and obviously very special! And as for Val's mini - it is beautiful!!!!!!

Chocolate Cat said...

Love Maya's quilt, firmly believe a used quilt is a loved quilt! How special your little stitchings are in the mini quilt. Thanks for sharing.

dottycookie said...

You know I love my mini quilt - it's even better in real life!

Maya's quilt is beautiful and full of love :-)

Kitty said...

Maya's quilt is wonderful. And the little quilt you made for Dottycookie is stunning. I've said it before but I'll say it again - your quilting is something else. x

sydney said...

the quilt is sooo lovely.



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