Friday, July 18, 2008

Stitchery 102 - What is Pellon

In my last post, I left out answering a question - what is pellon. I guess it must be one of those things that doesn't translate well around the world. I never thought I would be showing the backs of my stitcheries to the world but here goes..

Just by chance in my fabric stash cleanup I have been stitching these little ladybugs to use in gifts. A new pattern by Cinderberry Stitches called Little Lady Bug Bag. The first pic is backed with Whisperwelf, the second has a very fine iron on interfacing and the third is backed with pellon. The pellon that I use is fine, soft and sort of springy. It is synthetic, like a very thin, smooth wadding and you can get it in an iron on version or a sew in version. At the edge of the pic you can see a bit of pellon that is larger than the stitchery that I have not trimmed down to size yet. If you do a google search, you might get a better description than mine. Click on the pic for a larger pic to pop up. I use this pellon to make fabric bags too.

And here is a pic of the stitchery fronts, before I make them into little bags

Have a great weekend all. I'll leave you with a pic of Maya who needs to cuddle this big monkey while her biggest brother is away!


Kitty said...

Thanks for the education! I didn't know about Pellon. x

Tracy said...

Maya is such a sweetie! I could just kiss her sweet apple cheeks! Your stitching & Pellon posts provide great information--thank you. And the stitched designs are lovely! Happy weekend to you & yours ((HUGS))

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Oh my goodness! The back of your work looks as neat as the front of mine! But why am I surprised?? I don't think I will ever dare show the back of my stitcheries to the blogoverse now!

Lovely photo of Maya by the way!

OzRose said...

What a little cutie Maya is :)) Love the monkey too!!
And your previously stated by another neat is that work?!?!?!!?

Jodie said...

Annie bought that pattern today - Happy Birthday !!!

jen duncan said...

I adore the look of your stitching Rachel! Sewing all 'round the satin stitched bits and backing with pellon for the slightly fluffy look are two fabulous tips I never thought of in all these years but will definitely use next time I stitch. The pieces you share here on your blog are so sweet and happy they make me want to go stitch something right now!
(Oh, and what a precious little girl you have there!! Looks like she may be getting the new wall hanging,heh?)

CreativiTea said...

Sweet stitchy blog. I wanted to know about Pellon, and I got your wonderful handmade, cute little girl modelling page. Wish me luck creating an Elizabethan ruff, possibly with Pellon, and I wish you well with your current involvements. Peace, Ms Ayden Bremner


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