Sunday, August 10, 2008

1930's .. what do you think?

It's hard to do a crafty blog when all your current stitching is secret! So, I thought I would ask the question, 1930's fabric for my "Sunshine in your Pocket" stitchery quilt?

I do love 1930's prints, but I have never really bought them, so this is my complete collection at the moment, most of them I have bought from Ballarat Patchwork just recently. We live in a 1930's house, and there are lots of prints with bunnies, but I have hesitated buying even more because I know once I do, I'll start collecting.. Do you think they would look good with the redworks? I thought they might suit the nursery rhyme theme?

Kelly has just started stitching her "Sunshine in your Pocket" so take a peek here!

Lise has also posted a pic of the little lady bug bag that I sent her as a gift in my giveaway here.

And have a peek at what I won on Maree's blog last night! Luck me

Well, its 2 degrees here at the moment, and snow is falling every now and again. I hope you had a great weekend!


silverpebble said...

I love the muted colours and sweet little characters and flowers in those 30s fabrics - they're certainly full of sunshine! I can see how they might become addictive.

Lucky lady winning that giveaway - lovely spotty summery bag!

Don't tell anyone, but the SUN is out here!

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

I'd say definitely yes for the 1930s - they will look gorgeous and go really well with the nursery theme - I'm envious of your yellow - I can't seem to find any nice yellow prints lately! I'll have to pop over to BP and have a look! Lucy x

quiltdude said...

Pretty fabrics, I'm a bit scared of them (wouldn't know how or where to use them) but I like them all the same.
Congrats on winninig maree's giveaway.
X Clare

Calidore said...

1930's fabrics are beautiful and very, very addictive...vbg. I think they would look perfect with redwork and especially a nursery rhyme theme.

Jo Jo said...

Congrats on your win Rachel. Maree's bag she made looks great!! I dont have any 1930's fabric sadly but I do like your little collection you have going though. Jo x

On my Verandah. said...

Good Excuse to add to your collection.lookin forward to seeing your next project.

Annie said...

Love the 30's fabric Racheal. Wasn't it cold today. I kept looking out the window waiting for snow - finally saw some tonight.

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Those fabrics will look perfect with nursery rhyme stitcheries! Look forward to seeing how it progresses.


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