Sunday, October 12, 2008

Loveliness from Lucy!

Last week my mini quilt arrived from Lucy and I just love it! I appreciate every minute and every stitch that Lucy has made, knowing that it was made just for me, with pretty fabrics, bunnies and spots. And it's very cute too!

And being such a star, Lucy also sent me this cute bunny bucket that is already in use, and all these spotted fabric pieces from her own collection. I'll be using heaps of these in all the pinwheels on the butterfly quilt. Thanks Lucy. You know me so well.... just love scraps and small pieces of fabric. And your post card is gorgeous!

Thank you all for so many welcome comments about my stall. It's really hard. The main reason I said I would do a stall is to support the creche. All my kids have attended this small childcare centre over the past 14 years, and it's amazing. I worked out that Jenny the Cook has made my children nearly 4,000 lunches (never mind snacks) over the years. Anyway, I managed to fill my table and sell a few things, not heaps but enough to cover costs and buy some lunch and buy a few little things for the kids.

I couldn't charge much, like $10 for a kitty bag and $15 for elephants and bags, but it still looks expensive when people are looking for bargains. People did have very nice things to say and I'll have some presents now for kids parties and family, and Maya might even have a robot in her Christmas stocking! It was very nice to clean up all the fabric and patterns and bits and pieces last night, and I even put the sewing machine away for a little while. It will be lovely to finish off some of the embroidery on my swap gifts and have a bit of a break. It's hard work sewing for stalls!

Have you seen Jodie's big reveal? Amazing!


Jodie said...

All that work !!!!

You should open an etsy store with all that stock. I'm sorry I couldn't come along and say hi...and by the way your prices are way too cheap.

Bernadette said...

Rachel your store looked just gorgeous! I agree with Jodie you should open an etsy store or sell them on ebay...and they were way too cheap.

Lissa Jane said...


way too cheap here too!!!! LOL I love the owls.. and etsy petal.. some extra folding $'s for christmas!

I love the mini quilt from Lucypoo too.. and the bucket (might have to make me one or ten of those for my scraps!)


On my Verandah.. said...

Great Job Rachel!!!the Table looks Fabulous....

our shabby cottage said...

Jodie is right - with all of your stock left over an Etsy shop would be perfect! And I agree with her again - the prices are low and people looking for bargains should just just go away!!!

Kitty said...

I know what it's like trying to find the 'right' prices for stalls. But your stall looked amazing ... and Etsy shop would be a good idea, no?

Lucy's little quilt is really lovely, and yes, I have seen Jodie's big reveal. It's fabtastic! x

Katy said...

such a lot of work, and it all looks amazing - I wish I'd have been there, I'd have stocked up on birthdays and christmas presents for a few years! (if you still have a dinosaur going spare, could I buy it from you for the ginger one's christmas present? Please!)

Kate said...

Your stall looks amazing, congrats on getting all that work done!

Julia said...

Your stall looks fabulous - so colourful! I'm surprised you didn't sell more - so much hard work you've put in.

And Lucy's mini quilt and bunny bucket are really lovely too :0)

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

I'm so glad you liked your parcel - I hoped you would enjoy the bunny/spotty things!

Your stall looks incredible - and way too low priced!

My immediate thought was "Rachel should open an Etsy shop" - then I saw everyone else agreed too! Please open an Etsy shop! Pretty please!!!!

Lucy xxx

periwinkle said...

Your stall looks great , very colourful. I never know what to charge for things either -
lisa x

Lesley said...

Your quilt and goodies from Lucy are lovely :)

Your stall looks great and you made so much! I agree with Jodie - you really should open an etsy store!!



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