Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Lions and Santa in the Fire Truck - take 2

Last night the Lions were finished from Lynette Andersons Noah's Ark block of the month. Another really sweet to stitch design and I just love the whimsical blue birds on the lions backs. This block will be finished 4" by 2" to give an idea of the size. Tiny!

Another Santa arrived in a different Fire Truck on Saturday for Maya's creche Christmas picnic. Maya was even nearly brave enough to accept her present from Santa, but not quite.

Tomorrow, after 2 years of review at the orthadontist, Ayden has finally grown his 12 year old molars (at 15!) and is getting his braces fitted. I'm nervous for him.. and he is such a healthy fresh food eater that I have no idea what he will eat. Don't ask what I eat... (EDIT - sorry - I have braces too)

Starting stitching Rosalie Quinlan's new design "Little Patchwork Village" tonight x


Lissa Jane said...

g'day Rachel
the embroidery is looking fabbo, I wish I was up to date on this one (I did blocks 1 & 2 and stalled somewhat)..
we did the braces thing last year with the beast (aka Darcy aged 13).. only problems is you have to cut up things that you bite, apples etc, but darcy soon got the poop on that one.. and pizza, was funny watching him chop it up into teeny weeny bits.. but after awhile, it was only apples and raw vegies that were a problem, so we just made sure they were chopped.. the braces are off already.. $4.5K for 12 months, we are so happy with the results, but I keep thinking I should of been able to trade those suckers in on a sewing machine! LOL


Kate said...

Ayden will probably be a bit sore for the first few days; try things like fruit and yoghurt smoothies, and baked beans till he is ready for firmer food. Once he is used to them, pretty much anything is fair game. Good luck!

Jodie said...

Oh Braces....jem had hers off this week. She started with a plate at 11, so she has, as she puts it, had something gross in her mouth for 6 yrs!!!
You and Ayden can share now!!!

Annie said...

Rachael, my Homespun arrived in the mail last week and I was SO EXCITED to see you in it. Love your teeny tiny stitching.

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Sarah is getting braces fitted this week too! Love your Noahs ark stitcheries - they will look great when all complete. You sound busy with all the end of year parties!

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

I'm dreading having to go down the braces route with my guys so I am keeping my fingers and toes firmly crossed that they wont need them!

I can't wait to see your new Rosalie Quinlan stitcheries - what a fabulous design!

Lucy x

Moogsmum said...

Wow - that's tiny and so perfectly stitched! I can't wait to see all the Lynette Anderson BOM's when they're finished. I stitched the first one and then sort of got distracted with other obsessions!!


Chocolate Cat said...

Love your lions and bluebirds! I am SO far behind with Noahs ark now it isn't funny! Hope Ayden is not too uncomfortable with his braces, Maybe the fresh fruit juices and smoothies for a while? We finally have our first orthodontist appointment this Friday!


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