Sunday, March 30, 2008

Lovely Bloggers

So many lovely bloggers out there! Look what I found left at Ballarat Patchwork. A thank you from Jodie at Ric Rac for the Stitches and Craft Show ticket I left for her. A cute little purse that is coming to work with me tomorrow to be showed off, filled with litte suffolk puffs. Inside it is lined in an orangy spotted fabric. Thank you so much Jodie!

On Saturday I had a phone call from Nic who used to buy from me on eBay and I have emailed for years. I had such a surprise when she left a message on my blog the other week because she has been in Switzerland for the last 3 years. We met "guess where" and had a catch up chat and a look at the fabric. Nic is lovely in person and I am so jealous that she has classes both with Rosalie Quinlan and Leanne Beasley.

Look what I bought to add to the stash on Friday! These are from Emma's own design for Max New called Sweet Daze.

Once again the weekend has just flown by. Somehow the kids got up this morning and they had all grown out of their cooler weather clothes. How does that happen? A quick trip up to Target and a spend up so they can be seen in public again. I've been working on the Dilbert's too so I can have a stuffing session in front of CSI tonight. See my works in progress! I should have ironed them a bit before the pic though..

I am quietly stressing about my sister Liz who has not had her baby yet. She is continuing on the family tradition of not having her baby on time. She tricked us last time having Tiahni a week early, between my other sister Chris and I, our children have been at least 8 days overdue. Thinking of you Liz x

Friday, March 28, 2008

If you go into the woods today...

You're in for a big surprise!

I couldn't resist a pic of Kane's school reader the other week in anticipation to Lucy's swap package arriving .. and he is here!

See my own Lucy Locket orginals! I am so pleased with my bandito bunny. He is such a chunky monkey (or rabbit) with his own pocket and carrot, and he seems very child hardy. He has had a quick flight across the dining table by a grumpy 2 year old, but he was kissed better. Thank you so much Lucy. We just love him and REALLY appreciate your talents.

And for my other surprise. School Holidays. The little boys went to the Learmonth Yabby farm on Wedneday for part of their school holiday program. A great day of fishing for yabbies, bushwalking with kangaroos and emus and farm animals like the horse that licked everywhere on Kane's face (its name is Missy). Look who came home with them. Their very own pet yabbies. I have been strongly hinting that they might be happier in a pond at Matt's nursery.. and there is even a boy and a girl yabby.

Well its off to Ballarat Patchwork at lunchtime. I have a custom order to make 3 Melly & Me Dilbert Dinosaurs this weekend. What an excuse to visit Emma!
Have a happy weekend all!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Show and Tell Tuesday ~ Ayden's Magoo

He's done! Ayden has finished his Magoo and here is the proof! A bit tricky for 14 year old Ayden but with a little bit of help he is finished. He is posing against a pillow Ayden also made for Duke of Ed, to get a lot of practice sewing straight before I would let him get too complicated with my sewing machine. I have found through experience that playing playstation rally games then going onto a sewing machine don't work... Well done Ayden and thanks Melly & Me for the chance to win this fantastic pattern.

I've taken a carer's day from work with all the kids home from school and Maya's creche closed for the day. We have been off to McDonalds for lunch for a bit of a treat and tracked down some new bathers for the boys. Why didn't I get them at the sales... now that would have been good thinking.

And look! I've got some of my Living the Dream quilt pieced togther. I am so pleased with it. It has been sitting on or near the dining table since December all cut and ready to go in a fat quarter bag. I just love the fabric and now the piecing is over half done.

Our house is still full of chocolate Easter Bunnies and a few bilbies, never mind the MASSIVE easter egg that Matt gave me (imaging hopeful children saying "can you eat chocolate with your braces Mum...") Of course! if I try.

I've seen a few very nice bunnies popping up around blogland from Lucy's Easter swap. I can't wait for my bunny to arrive and see what Lucy has been up to.

I hope your Easter was very happy and a bit of stitching or crafting was done over the break.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Silly Bunnys and Busy Kids

Isn't it funny what kids just fall in love with. Callum spotted these "silly bunnys" on a little Melly & Me Moo Card and really, really wanted one. So the pattern was ordered and on Friday we went through the fabric scrap and sorted out who wanted what. Of course, three had to be made.

Callum and Kane sat down for the evening with a pencil each and a bag of stuffing and started stuffing legs "as hard as stone". You should have seen the concentration! They were finished tonight right on bed time, ready for a quick pic and off to bed. There are three kids fast asleep now, each clutching a silly bunny. Awwwww...

It must be the day for concentration. This afternoon the boys went outside with Callums "Mayan Riches - Dig and Discover" kit, a birthday gift from one of his friends. I think the boys thought they were on Time Team and they were outside for hours chipping away at the block and came out with 14 "gems" and some Mayan treasure. They were filthy too!

Ayden and I made some cupcakes today with Mel's great link. We dropped little easter eggs into the cupcakes before we cooked them then iced them up - what a treat!

We are all ready for the Easter Bunny tomorrow. The table is set with all the bunny egg cups and the easter baskets are out. I hope you have a great day too!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Bunny Wishes..

I hope you have the sweetest Easter ever x Rachel

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Show and Tell Tuesday - Cottage on the Hill Quilt

I can't believe it was four years ago when I started this quilt. Kane really liked chickens so I set to making this one. It took me a couple of years to get it quilted as there was an error in the magazine pattern and I had to amend it, but hopefully it won't be noticed.

Sorry its such a quick post. I've been to the orthodontist today to have my braces rewired and tightened. Owww... Tonight the kids and I are working on the Easter hats for the parade on Thursday. The dining table is filled with inspiration!

I have finished off Lucy's pack for the Bunny Swap, and its all ready for a final pic. I've also joined in the fabric swap on Melly and Me so some fabric sorting will be going on over the long weekend to send off to Blueberry Lane.

Just to spread the joy, Callum asked me if we are having hot cross buns on "Lucky Friday". It's the Irish influence. Happy St Patricks Day (yesterday) too.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Monkey Madness

I've had a case of Monkey envy since we were working on Ayden's Magoo last weekend. He is nearly finished with just his tricky arms to go. I couldn't resist, and have just finished making two more. These will be going off to work with me tomorrow as a goodbye gift to my line manager of 2 years and friend of 9 years Karen.

Karen works with me in Ballarat, but lives in Melbourne and is the foster parent, along with her partner Leonie of two little boys aged 2 and 3. The little boy who is three also has some special needs but has improved in leaps and bounds since being placed with Karen and Leonie. The two monkeys are for the little boys. Oh, I am going to miss Karen so much! It's her last day tomorrow... Maya did fall in love with one of the monkeys and it has done a few rounds of the house strapped into her dolls stroller. I'm glad to see its 2 year old hardy.

I thought I would also post a couple of pics of the bag I have just custom made for Fiona. I just love this pattern by Rosalie Quinlan called "Nellies Sewing Bag_. It is one of my favorites patterns since it uses up scraps but holds HEAPS of sewing.

It's been another hot weekend in our heatwave with temperatures in the high 30's, and 36 degrees again tomorrow. I know it's Australia, but it isn't usually like this in mid March!

Callum had his birthday party on Saturday with his pack of friends. They all seemed to enjoy the movie and acted like excited 7 year olds! We were exhausted when we got back home. Kane went to his first primary school party today and came home a happy boy. He was changed straight into his bathers and sunscreened the minute he got home so we could all go to the pool (with the rest of Ballarat).

Our house is a mess and I still have to get the work and school things ready, it's 11.09 pm and it still hasn't cooled down. Matt's at his mates place having a boys night of playstation and it's nice a quiet here.

I hope you all had wonderful weekend and see you Tuesday for show and tell.

Friday, March 14, 2008

A few ticks off the list..

How did that happen? A few days off and some very hot weather, kids that went to sleep when they were told, and some train travel and suddenly a few projects are ticked off the list.

The Rabbits from Lynette Anderson Designs free block of the month. This pic is about true to size and it was such a treat to stitch. Can't wait until the next one!

Maya's cardigan is done and that is the end of the knitting for 2008. Matt will be pleased.

I've also made a start on the stitchery for my mums bag and bought some bargain Robyn Pandolph fabric from the Stitches and Craft Show.

I picked up a bit of a stash of fabric at the show, but really I resisted quite well. I loved the REAL rabbits upstairs hopping around the clothesline filled with aprons on display, and I had a good chat with Kristen from Cheeky Beaks. It was great to meet another blogger!

There are a few works in progress, a custom order for Fiona and the last little thing to make for Lucy for her bunny swap. I hope my sister Liz is coping well with her "work in progress" - 38 weeks pregnant and suffering in the 38 degree heat..

Callum's birthday party is tomorrow and 12 kids plus ours are off to see Horton hears a Who. Wish me luck! Happy Friday all

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Show and Tell Tuesday ~ Ayden's Quilt

It's Show and Tell Tuesday again and this week I have picked Ayden's Quilt. I made this on my annual January holiday in 2007 when Ayden was 13 and I thought he could do with a BIG quilt that should last him through the years.

It also used up lots of my scraps!

Yesterday reached over 36 degrees and it was horrible. Ballarat has the reputation for being a cold part of Victoria, but when its hot, its really hot and most of us don't have air conditioners.

So Ayden and I got out the Magoo pattern he won on Melly and Me and made a start on it. It's pretty tricky for a 14 year old boy ... Ayden had a go at the arms and legs but just couldn't get the thumbs and hands right. After he had unpicked them twice I asked if he would like some help (think very hot and stuffy inside our house - frustration) and told him that he had drawn them out, would cut them out, trim curves etc so it was his work and I was just doing a tiny bit. Okay, I did them, then Ayden cut them out - too close - so they would fray. Oh no! Then he traced them out on the right side of the fabric instead of the back.... so we had a break and had dinner. A bit of teamwork and we got them sorted out.

As you can see, he is starting to look really good.

Tomorrow I am off to the Melbourne Stitches and Craft show. I have hardly had the chance to think about it, but I should have a nice stash to show you when get back! Ummm, and thats me in the black and white skirt in the family pic - I thought I had really ought to have owned up...

Monday, March 10, 2008


This weekend has been a bit of a my-side-of-the-family weekend.

However, first it was Callum's birthday on Saturday. It started with the presents, swimming lessons at 9am, a play with the presents, a trip to the other swimming pool for the afternoon then a dinner of fish and chip - that covers most of Callums favorite things. It's nice to be 7!

On Sunday it was the trip to Geelong for my neice Jada's 2nd birthday and to catch up with my Aunty Janet and Uncle Havard from the UK and my mother and her husband Paul who live in Adelaide.

Have a laugh a the group shot. And yes, that is my husband Matt hiding behind Maya. My sister Liz is expecting a baby ANY DAY!

And just because they look like such 2 year olds, here are Maya and her cousin Tiahni. My 2 sisters and I all had daughters within 6 months of each other.

It's such a hot day here in Ballarat and a day off for Labour day, we are hardly keen to take a step outside. Take a look at ric rac's blog who lives in the same country centre as we do. We are not doing a heap (except Matt who is at work poor thing..)

I hope you had a great weekend! Back tomorrow for show and tell.

Friday, March 7, 2008

My exciting news

I've had a big day in Melbourne day and I was exhausted when I got home with Maya and ready for a cup of coffee... when Ayden handed me a bit of paper saying Katherine Sanchez from Homespun had just called. Could I ring her back?

I did! Homespun are going to publish my "it's an Adventure" bag in their December issue! I am so excited - I don't think it has really had chance to sink in yet. They already have a pic of it somewhere on their website, but I haven't tracked it down yet.

And I checked the post, and there was 2 free tickets to the Melbourne Stitches and Craft show there that I had won! I'm feeling so lucky!

A free ticket to the Melboure Stitches and Craft Show between 12 - 16 March 2008

I'm going on the 12 March, so there is a ticket spare if anyone would like it. Just add a comment and let me know and I'll post it to you

Have a great weekend everyone and I hope you are lucky too! I'm off to spend a bit of time with the tired kids before I start wrapping Callums birthday presents.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Decisions, decisions..

Luckily todays trip to Melbourne was cancelled - phew...

So I managed to get Callum's birthday invitations written up.

I have to spend about 2 and a half hours on the train tomorrow - what a treat! All that time with nothing else to do bit sit. It's practically unheard of!

So do I take the stitcheries? I've just downloaded Lynette Andersons free Noahs Ark block for her block of the month or do I start on the stitchery for my mums bag?

Or work on the last bit of Maya's cardigan and get that finished?

So much crafting to do!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Show and Tell Tuesday ~ Cotton Country

It's Show and Tell Tuesday again and this time I have picked this stitchery quilt. I made it from Bronwyn Hayes from Red Brollys book "Cotton Country". I love the animal pics adn the colours are a bit different for me. In 2006 I had "the year of finishing off.." I was feeling overwhelmed by the UFO's so I started completing them. Luckily the rules were that if I already had it, even just as a pattern, I could finish it. There are still a few around but I am working on them!

Kane came home today with his first birthday invitation since he started primary school. He was just so excited. I have been secretly worrying that he is not making friends, especially with Callum and his gang finding him to play with at the recesses. It looks like I should not have been worrying (big sigh of relief).

It is Callums birthday on Saturday. He is going to be 7. He is so, so excited. We have a lot on this weekend so his party will be the weekend after. A whole week of birthday if I know Callum!

In every spare minute I have been doing the birthday shopping. Today a bag for me appeared, and a pair of shoes. I must have been good. I have been working very hard :)

Have a great Tuesday and I will be checking blogs tomorrow to catch up with you all!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

She'll be Apples..

Okay, maybe they don't look that much, but we are impressed. We have had our Pink Lady and Fuji Apple trees for a few years and these are the first really edible apples we have picked. There are more on the other tree but the birds were getting into these, so here they are!

Its been a pretty good weekend, for one that not much was happening. We have a couple of really busy weeks coming up, so it was good to spend one achieving at least something we wanted to get done. Even if it was just another level on the playstation, an area cleared in the garden or a RABBIT!

Yes, its nearly done, all but the finishing off and dressing up. I can't believe that it all came together so well and so easily. As a sneak peak I have posted the scraps...... I admit its come straight from a pattern, so I will have to think of a bit of a personal touch. I can't wait to be able to post a pic.

Well its that time on a Sunday - the kids are all clean and the lunches and uniforms are ready, readers signed and the homework done (fingers crossed). We have backed mixed berry and white chocolate muffins and rainbow cookies. Smoked salmon quiche in the oven and just a salad to whip up. I think I will just have a bit of a sit down and watch the tv.

I'll see you Tuesday for a bit of Show and Tell


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