Sunday, January 4, 2009

Calendar Quilt Challenge for 2009

Rachel G at ps I quilt is hosting a Calendar Quilt Challenge. I've been thinking about doing a block a day or something like that for a while, so I have joined. It's very easy and no huge rules, just really a quilt that you work on during 2009. Visit Rachel to join.

(see that blue fabric with the little acorns on it on the left hand side of the pic? That is some of the last of this fabric, the first quilt fabric I ever bought - 4ocm of it maybe 10 years ago!)

Rachel G is sewing 1" x 10" strips together each day, and I have decided on these simple blocks. I've just cut 3" squares and added 1.5" borders (unfinished). I'm working in blues and browns but realistically I expect some other colours will creep in. I've made up 7 so for now I am ahead.

We have had a big weekend with my family all getting together for my nieces 3rd birthday. My sister has moved to a new house on 5 acres so the kids had heaps to do, and lots of my sisters friends kids to play with along with their cousins. I was worn out, never mind the kids!

Jodie has just posted about the huge Trash and Treasure blogmeet next weekend, so looking forward to that one too!


Annie said...

Love those blocks Rachael - I'm tempted to join.

Kritta22 said...

Coming over from Calendar Quilt Challenge! What a great idea with blocks! I love little stories that go with fabric!
Have fun at your sister's!

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

The calendar quilt sounds fun but I know I would just give in halfway through and end up cross with myself (like my 365 quilt)!

Your sister's new home sounds fab!

Lucy x

Chocolate Cat said...

I love your blocks and will be interested to see how they evolve over the year!

periwinkle said...

looking forward to seeing your quilt progress -- enjoy your meet up
lisa x

Renee said...

a block a day? I would be terrible! But I like your blocks and look forward to seeing your quilt progress

rachel griffith said...

thanks for the shout out.

i like your idea.
i can't wait to see it come to life.

love that you are using the last of the first fabric you ever're REALLY gonna love this quilt.

Moogsmum said...

I'm going to enjoy seeing your quilt grow. I daren't sign up as I'd last about a week!!

That Trashy picnic is going to be so much fun :-)


Lissa Jane said...

3" blocks sound like fun... Good luck with your calendar quilt Rachel.. I thought about doing the Leanne Beasley one, where you write on fabric everyday.. but 'got up and went to work' would be pretty darn boring to read 5 out of 7 days! LOL

take care



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