Friday, April 10, 2009

Child with a lizard .. and other gifts

Here is very serious Maya patting one of the tiny lizards that live in our garden that Kane caught for her.

A perfect way to spend Good Friday. Great weather and Matt and the kids have been outside working on our garden while I finished off some sewing. It's been another week of deadlines, both crafty and corporate so to be with my family in the sunshine has been such a pleasure. The hot cross buns were good too!

Yesterday my Spring Swap parcel arrived too!. It was from Stephanie. See Stephanie's name on the big box was enough to make me smile. Maya is pretty happy too.

Stephanie sent me a Darla wallhanging. The detail on Darla is just amazing, with beautiful quilting, lace edging, prairie points and the cutest buttons. Stephanie shares my love of polka dots and pretty colours and sent me all this flannel fabric and heaps of floral fabric too. It was packaged up so, so cute, but I couldn't wait to get into it.
There were also sweet cupcake patty's for Easter and flower shaped buttons. I've already been into the buttons :) Thank you Stephanie. Your gifts are just beautiful and so thoughtful. Thanks too Linda for hosting another fantastic swap.

And I won this beautiful quilt pattern called "the Nature of Love" designed by Linda too! It's stunning Linda. I will enjoy making it.

Have a wonderful Easter xx


Katy said...

oh, look at that cute little lizard! I wish we had lizards in our garden, slugs aren't quite as appealing!

Your swap parcel is wonderful - I love the polka dot fabric, lucky you!

Have a great Easter!

Stephanie said...

So happy you liked your package. I enjoyed making it for you. Maya looks so cute with Darla. Happy Easter.

rachel griffith said...

awww that stephanie.
she makes the cutest things.

maya is a real cutie.

and congrats for winning the pattern. i was drooling over it the other's SO pretty.

Linda said...

Maya looks very happy to be holding on to that little quilt...hmmm better watch out mum it may go missing.

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Love the swap goodies!! Stephanie is so talented. Enjoy your Easter.

Lynn said...

Lucky you getting that from Stephanie. Also winning a pattern!

Jodie said...

Beautiful gift- and Maya does look pretty happy....maybe she thinks it is for her.

Kitty said...

Oooh, what a teeny tiny lizard! That was a lovely parcel of goodness you received, and that quilt pattern is just fabulous. Can't wait to see your version. x

Calamity Jane's Cottage, Bonnie said...

Hi Rachel,
Stephanie gift is so cute, I saw on her blog you received your package. She makes such cute things.
Keep Stitchen'

Calidore said...

I don't believe Maya is patting a lizard - especially after she was so unsure of Jodie's kitten....vbg. Adorable photo as always. Nice to see you all got some time together and enjoyed the weekend.

*karendianne. said...

The Nature of Love is irresistible! *karendianne.


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