Saturday, April 18, 2009

They rode the ponies!!!!

Sorry about the very dodgy photo of a photo, but just in case the clown doesn't want to be recognised I thought this would be best :)

6 year old Kane has been practically drooling ever time he saw the ads for the travelling circus on tv, so off we went this afternoon for the show. They loved it. So exciting, each of them liking something different.

And as this is a record for me, and maybe doesn't sound that grand, it makes me really happy.

In the intermission and after we had the photo taken, Kane asked if he could go on the pony ride. Our kids don't naturally go for animals. Yep, they like kittens (Maya's sort of getting used to them) like insects, moths and tiny lizards and our rabbit but that's about it. Then Maya asked if she could go too. They both lined up with Ayden while I stayed with Callum (ready to take a sneaky banned phone pic if they made it onto the ponies). And they did it. They loved it. And it really made us smile. I was waiting for the last minute backout, especially when a man had to lift Maya onto that pony.

I think the monkey riding the ponies gave them confidence.


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