Sunday, June 28, 2009

I must, I must ....


Here is the big reveal on the squares. A couple of dolls quilts that measure 24.5" square.

Not dolls quilts for us, dolls quilts for sale... as soon as I manage to open an Etsy store that is.

My finger I sewed into is heaps better thanks. Poor Maya had to put up with pigtails instead of french braids last week because I just couldn't manage them. I ended up quilting the dolls quilts with a swirly fancy stitch on my sewing machine in a diamond grid and left crinkly from the dryer.

And here is a proud mama moment for me. Kane and Ayden came home with awards last week. Kane has his class achievement award for Grade 1 this week for "working hard to keep his workplace tidy. Kane has a wonderful general knowledge and loves sharing his thoughts".
Ballarat bloggers will know how much pressure Ayden has been under this year. Year 10 is just full on and there are some high expectations on him. So coming home with a Distinction in a national geography competition, and then the Management of Learning award from school, fantastic!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

a few little squares..

Not much to show after I sewed into my finger on Sunday, trying to free motion quilt. Owwwww! I should know by now that we just don't get along...

I do have some ideas for these little squares. I am seriously scrap busting!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Double dinos!

Do you know how much I enjoy making these Dilberts dinosaur softies?

Very cute and handy stashbusters too. These two should have arrived at a bloggers house with a little boy and new baby .....

Great pattern, Melly & me!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tales of bugs, birds and bags ...

It's been a bit quiet over with the monkeys, thanks to the work pressures of the upcoming end of financial year, but we have been a little crafty. A sneaky peak of some buggies, modified from a pattern called Bug in a Bag by Rosalie Quinlan Designs.

A quick pic of Callum with his papercraft budgie he made over the weekend, before it goes off to school tomorrow for Show and Tell. These are the kids very favorite cold weekend projects. Kane made a butterfly and Maya (with help) made a panda. Ayden is working on a very complicated wolf and a sea turtle.

And a sewing bag by me, with ummm....pom poms to nearly match. Not nearly as exciting as Miss Krissies new arrival!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Kaleidoscope ~ Wow!

Look what we found on Tuesday! The parcel man with a package from Melly, with our signed copy of Kaleidoscope and gifts from Korea. Oh there was chocolate too ... and just look at the beautiful stitched Kokeshi Doll stitchery. When Melly asked what our favorite colours were, I knew we were in for a surprise!

Maya just had to show her Bumble Bee to the ones in the book. What a beautiful book!

And here are the samples I made as a pattern tester. They are looking a bit well loved at the moment as Maya just loved them and claimed them as her own.

Kaleidoscope is just a fantastic book, with some of the most stunning photography too. I am so pleased that I could have a chance to make and see all these projects and the opportunity to help Melly. Do you have a copy yet :)

Monday, June 8, 2009

Whoops .. I couldn't stop..

I've been stitching away on Linda and Stephanie's Christmas in July Swap, and whoops! I thought I was finished but another little gift is done ..

Sunday, June 7, 2009

More bears ...

The whimsical bear has been turned into a big basket now. Do you think it would be cute for a baby? Well, my sister Christine sent me an email last week and when I opened up the attachment it was an ultrasound pic! Wooo hooo, another baby to sew for.

We spent most of yesterday visiting Geelong for Christines birthday and a catch up with my other sister Liz, and their families for lunch. Nice!

Ages ago I promised Kane I would refashion his old pj's into jarmies for his bear Stormy. He loved the racing cars on them so much that we couldn't toss them out. Finally today we had a go at them. I've cut as selectively as possible to keep the piping and the button holes. If I did this again I would make sure the jarmies were not so worn out as these ones are.
Kane is pretty pleased with them ... Maya is a little bit jealous.. and Stormy looks very warm.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Butterfly Silhouette Quilt .. done!

It's very dark and dull outside, but I am so pleased that I have finished this new design, a quilt and matching cushion that Maya and I couldn't resist a quick 5 minute photo shoot.

I let Maya stand on the couch ...

And snuggle up and pretend she was going to go to sleep.

Then we pinned it up on Ayden's pinboard to see if we could get a better pic. Ahhh kids, they make you smile.


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