Sunday, October 25, 2009

Around the Block .. Lara's Blocks

This weekend I finished the blocks for Lara with the these of pointy or moving blocks such as pinwheels and stars. The first block is called "Millstone"

and the second is called "Martha Washington Star". Really good to do a bit of practice with the points and using fabrics that are out of my usual palette.

Well done to Callum too who has come home with his Grade 3 class award for "using his imagination to wonderful effect during Literacy sessions". Callum is the youngest in his class and, well has had a few seating changes during the year to see if it helps his concentration :). A another well done for his results in the NAPLAN national testing. His scores came though so high that his brothers told us we were reading the sheet upside down. Ahhhh brothers x

Ayden finally picked up his uniform for his new casual job. Four shifts next week, phew!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Are we ready to go!

Yes! It's finally Friday, and I last night I gave this little cushion as a birthday gift, for a birthday in July. Well, it was the end of July... The stitchery in the centre is a design by Hatched and Patched.

At lunchtime today Callum, Kane, Maya and I went to the local wildlife park to see the baby Tasmanian Devils who are out and about now. I should have taken the camera. Lucky we have a annual pass. We smiled.

So the "Quick and Easy Block Tool" is out ready to make a start on Lara's fabric for the Around the Block quilting bee. Lara's challenge is pointy blocks. My pointy thinking hat is on!

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Thank you Jodie for tracking down a lion costume for Maya to wear to the circus themed party. Costumes are just not my thing, but we did make a new tail

and Maya had the best time ever!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Around the Block - October Blocks

I hope these bright colours help make your Friday shine!

Log cabin blocks for Louise for the Around the Block Quilting Bee on Flickr

For October Louise requested 12.5 inch blocks, using improvisational piecing with no wonkiness. It was so much fun to lay all the fabrics out and just get on with the piecing.
I'm all inspired to play with my scraps now!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

sneak... sneak...

Christmas stitching has started ... with a design from Lynette Anderson Designs

And our new water tank has arrived. Who would have ever have believed that so many Australian would get excited by a water tank? This one is just for our vege garden - what a luxury!

Friday, October 9, 2009

On the line ..

Sorry for the bit of a gap in blogging. The "real" job is pretty hectic right now. Late nights and franticness for the past few weeks.

But there has been some sewing! On the line you can see the Popover Sundress from Oliver and S. The pattern for this cute, cute dress is free along the sidebar of the linked blog. I enjoyed making this dress so much that I made another, then went out and bought a pattern for another outfit.

Also on the line are some Fancy Pants from Make it Perfect. I think I have nearly all of Toni's patterns already! I made the fancy pants from a remnant piece of white drill fabric I found at Big W for about $3.50 and some fabric from my stash for the double hem variation along the bottom. These will be so useful for Maya during summer.

Maya did let me take a quick pic of her in the little dress. She had her 4 year old immunisations yesterday and isn't the smiliest little girl today. See her poor arms with their bandaids.

I've also finished three stitchery needlecases which will be (finally) sent out to the other winners in my giveaway (sorry for the delay Jantine and Jilly). I've used plently of scraps to make these, and the stitcheries are on a hankerchief linen using verigated blue thread. The pattern from Cinderberry Stitches can be downloaded here.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Ayden's Owls..

As well as spending time solidly with his ipod and computer, wandering around games shops and arcades and reading his own height in books, Ayden has finished two owls to give to local foster care, for his Silver level Duke of Edinburgh Awards. The pattern came from this cute tutorial from Mels Own Place and was printed at 100% instead of the recommended 200%.

Ayden added felt eyes instead of buttons and the wings were made and turned instead of having the raw edge (I helped with this tricky bit and the topstitching). More nice work for a 15 year boy!

And some of the latest paper animals from here. My kids just love them.


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