Sunday, May 2, 2010

Around the Block ~ for Susie and Rita

On Friday night I realised that it had been nearly a week since I had turned on the sewing machine, for an urgent-fix-my-only-uniform for Ayden's casual job. Then a quick pattern test for Nikki.

Not great when Matt and the three youngest kids were off for the weekend for his mum's 70th birthday and Ayden and I were off in the other direction for family christenings too. Big sigh..

So I was sooo happy to start on my packages from Around the Block. Susie had requested Space Themed blocks for her little boy Gryff in primary colours. Susie even had Spoonflower print up a fabric with Gryff's name to incorporate into the blocks. I just love this idea.

I took a big breath and started on Rita's. Rita from Red Pepper Quilts is pretty famous, especially for her half square triangles and this was part of her theme. We were to make blocks using green, blue and yellow fabrics, that were fresh, modern, traditional, crisp and simple in a range of sizes from 3.5" to 10.5". I hope my blocks are pointy enough?


Maree: said...

How Cool to have the Child's Name Printed onto the fabric...Love all the Blocks you are working on and Your Points are Just Fine..

shequilts said...

Your blocks are plenty pointy enough. I love the idea of the name fabric from spoonflower, and your wonderful, fresh greens. :)

Stephanie said...

Love both block sets. Terrific spoonflower idea.

Jantine said...

I bet your blocks will be great, with marvellous points too!


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