Monday, August 30, 2010

Tutorial ~ Butterfly Block

For Around the block 2, I've picked a butterfly block that I noticed on Flickr, but it was pretty new to everyone. I've put together a tutorial for it, and I apologise for my late and night dodgy photo's, but I hope you get the idea.

From your red fabric cut 2 x 2⅝ inch squares , cut 1 x 2⅜ inch square and from your white fabric cut 3 x 2⅜ inch squares

Cut your red and white 2⅜ inch squares in half diagonally

Mark the centre of a white triangle and the centre of your red 2⅝ inch square. Match the marks and sew carefully not to stretch the bias triangle. Repeat on the opposite side of the square.

Press the seams towards the dark fabric and trim off the "ears" (photo taken on a bad angle - the square isn't wonky like it looks!)

Repeat with another white fabric triangle and a red fabric triangle. Press and trim the fabric "ears"

Repeat to make the second block.

Match the seams and sew the two blocks together to form the bottom half of the butterfly. I found it easier to press the centre seam open.

From your pink fabric and your white fabric, cut a 4” inch square. Cut these in half diagonally to and sew a pink fabric triangle to a white fabric triangle to make two half square triangles as shown. I trimmed my blocks down to 3½ square.

Sew the blocks together to make the top half of the butterfly. Press the seam open.

Matching the centre seams, sew the top and bottom butterfly sections together. Press

From your white fabric cut 2 x 1½ x 6½ inch rectangle and 2 x 1½ x 8½ inch rectangle. Sew a 1½ x 6½ inch rectangle to each side of the butterfly block. Press. Sew a 1½ x 8½ inch rectangle to the top and bottom of the block. Press

Using a fadeaway pen or light fine pencil, draw the butterflies antennae. Stitch with 2 strands of dmc thread and finish with a french knot.

A finished butterfly block!


Farmyard Crafts said...

Rach.... this block is so cute!!

Vanessa R said...

Rachel - this is so nice - "Vanessa" means butterfly - so I'll have to make one or more of these!

Nikki said...

I'm bookmarking this, Rachel. I plan to experiment a bit in the land of quilt and this is on the list. Many thanks for taking the time to post it.

Helen said...

Great tutorial Rachel, can't wait to make this one.

AJ said...

These look like fun to make Rachel!

Kate said...

Cute butterfly - this will be fun to make!

Christie, Describe Happy said...

So glad I found you.. I excited to make a few of these!!

ferne said...

I love this butterfly! I just did a butterfly quilt in a different way and put a tutorial on my blog, but mine is much more simplistic looking so I HAVE to to try this it is so dainty!


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