Sunday, October 17, 2010

Crosses for Kate ..

For Around the Block II,  everyone is sending out their packages up front,  and we can select a package a month to stitch.

For my first month I have chosen Kate from Two Little Banshees blocks.  Kate picked crosses - any style,  a range of sizes and pretty fabric.  Mine all finished 6.5" square.  I just love sewing improvised blocks!

Pretty pleased these worked out because I think I have totally mucked up a placket on an Ottobre shirt I am making Maya.  It's gone into the too hard basket so I can have a bit of a think about it,  either try something that I know how to do from a Make it Perfect pattern or turn it into a button band.  


make it perfect said...

cute blocks rachel :)
good luck with the placket! at least you have options!!

WendyBee said...

Soooo (sew?) pretty!


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