Friday, January 7, 2011

Around the Block for Becky and Abbe ..

Towards the end of December,  Matt took the kids overnight to see his family in Gippsland,  leaving me at home by myself for the first time ever!

With the craziness that December brings I was pleased to catch up on a bit of sewing while they were away.

The first two blocks are for Becky,  who requested pink and green blocks with the theme of Triangles.  I hope it is okay with Becky but my maths wasn't too fantastic on one of the blocks and I ended up featuring more of my added fabric than I planned to.  I will include some scraps in the package back so Becky has the chance to incorporate it somewhere else in the quilt if she chooses.

These blocks will make a very cute and fresh quilt for Becky's daughter Possum.

Happily last night I managed to resew Abbe's block.  I just loved making this block,  with the random strip length and widths.  Abbe's theme was a stacked block,  and I think they will look fantastic!


Quiltjane said...

Those blocks are so beautiful.

Maree: said...

They all look Great but Especially love the last one the Stacked block might just have to borrow that one....


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