Sunday, January 9, 2011

Charm Square Butterflies ..

I've worked out what to do with my charm squares - Butterflies!   Based at a tutorial here,  I've modified the fabric requirements to make these butterflies.  Lots more to make and then I'll trim them down to their finished 5" squares.   All the butterfly centres are coming from my scrap tub,  so there will be a lot of variation there.

We all went to see the new Disney Movie Tangled today in 3D.  Such a funny movie that we all enjoyed.  Worth seeing it for the horse alone!   The giveaway for 2 x Family Passes closes today - comment here if you would like the chance win.   

I had seen read a few good reviews for Tangled,  but it really exceeded our expectations.  Great to see a movie that everyone had a different favourite scene.


Cass said...

We saw Tangled today too but only the 2D version and we loved it as well

Mama Spark said...

Love this but would like to see how you modified it using the charm squares. Could be a great border for another quilt. Mind sharing?

Calidore said...

Stunning Rachel. I'm going to check out the tutorial - heaven knows I have heaps of charm squares...vbg.

Karen said...

You're so clever - these are really cute Rachel.
Great way to use up scraps too.


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