Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Good and not so good ..

Good. A month off work starting tomorrow - Hooray!  It's been a biiiggggg year at the "real job".  Not so good is the report that I still need to finish :(

Good.  A crafty afternoon picnic and catch up with some lovely people.  Maya and I met up with Andi, her kids and her parents,  Kate and her three girls, Jodie, Lizzie and Annie.  So good.

Not so good
Unpicking this block for Abbe after I mismarked the centre and ended up cutting it too short on one side when I was trimming it to size on the end.  Luckily I think I have enough fabric left over to remake one side of it.  I was so pleased with it until I noticed what I had done!


Kate said...

Oh bum! But at least there are more goods than bads.
Yesterday was very lovely indeedy. Happy holidays.

Annie said...

Happpy Happy Holidays Rachael - would you like to come over to Jan's for afternoon tea at 3?

Copper Patch said...

Oh bugger - I hope it wasn't too frustrating. You must measure like I do :o)
Sounds like you had a great day with the ladies.
Abs x

Locket Pocket said...

Oh I hate unpicking! But your bloggy meet up sounds fun. Lucy x


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