Monday, January 24, 2011


Flood Appeal Auction closes tonight.  Just a last minute reminder if you would like to bid.  Wow,  $280 raised so far.  Just love the generosity of bloggers!

I've been holding off the holidays post, to keep the auction on the top of the blog, but we have done so much! We have spent time with friends and family, gone bowling, painted up at the Plaster Fun House in Ballarat, visited the pool for a few swims, gone to the movies, spent a lot of time (and money) fitting all four kids out in school uniforms, shoes and books. The highlights have been our family trip to the Melbourne Zoo, and our holiday at Port Fairy.

The kids too so many pics of the animals,  but I took pics of the kids.  All of them posing on a stone elephant

Maya is a bit of a shy little girl in public,  so I was surprised when she decided to line up and wait,  and wait to have her face painted.  The butterfly house was one of the places she really wanted to visit at the zoo.  The kids all love their bugs.

We managed a couple of nights away at Port Fairy, one of our favourite places to be.  Maybe one of our last family holidays so any chance to get the kids together is fantastic.  Ayden does look a bit big with the other kids..

We did an hour long walk around the Shearwater colony and visited the lighthouse,  before a boat ride and spent a lot of time at the beach.

We stayed in the converted bluestone mill you can see in the background.  Beautiful x


Kate said...

HUGE congrats on the auction result, that is AMAZING!!
I wonder if Brad from the funhouse will visit your blog tonight.

Margaret said...

Congratulations on a great effort for the flood appeal. Easy to see that you have had a good break from school with the family.


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