Sunday, January 2, 2011

Popover dress for Tiahni ..

Poor Maya was sent outside in the cool evening air for a quick pic of the dress I made today for her cousin Tiahni.  I thought this year that I should try and take more photo's of all the things I make and donate or give away as gifts.

This is the Oliver + s Popover dress,  a free download here. I love this pattern for a quick dress that gets so much use at our house.  I've made this version with my favourite fabric from the Melly & me range - the blue pinwheels.  

One more handmade gift still to work on.  Fingers crossed it's finished before the party tomorrow!


Farmyard Crafts said...

It's cute Rach! And yes, you probably should take more photos! But it's hard when they are made and out the door to give away to someone. Love Melly's fabric!

Nikki said...

Definitely more photos before things are given away!!!

As always, Maya is the perfect model.... keeping a professional attitude despite the weather.


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