Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Our Middle School Boy ..

It's a year of beginnings and endings at our house.  Today was Callum's first day at Middle School.  

It's a big step in Grade 5 to move to a whole new, large campus where the kids are much larger than you. The kids start their laptop program and you can see Callum clutching onto his new tablet laptop.  He had a training day last week and they were all told how to look after them, including how to carry them.  It's his new pride and joy and makes him feel like on of the big kids,  just like the change in uniform to white shirts and walk socks.   He even caught the bus home with Ayden. 

Everyone is looking so grown up at our house.  It's hard to believe how fast the years are going past.

Back to the real job today too.  Those holidays went way too fast.  Oh,  and Maya was on the local news tonight!

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suz said...

oh, he looks so grown up! Good luck Callum - this is a great grade. My Mom taught this grade (in the states) for 14 years. These were her favorite kids.


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