Thursday, March 10, 2011

My Creative Space .. Where do you buy yarn?

It's knitting again in my creative space.

I've been asking Kate questions for ages about her green cardi.  Just love it and if I could have found the same yarn I would have made one exactly the same.  But I couldn't so mine is pink (but a much duller pink than it looks in the pic).

So here is me,  with a Ravelry list of favorites as long as my arm,  but not sure where to get a good bargain, or great postage or good wool.  I'm not impressed locally.  Can you help me with your favorite links..please?

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Bree said...

The Haby Goddess has 100% Australian wool on sale at the moment:

There's also Threads and More in Brisbane:

Kristy said...

I'm not a knitter so I can't comment from personal experiece but my Mum, who is a knitter, swears the Bendigo Woollen Mills ( - I don't think is is cheap though.

Annie said...

It looks fabulous Rachael, but sorry, no ideas from me, I'll be looking at the ones you get.

Calidore said...

Bendigo Woolen Mills is the go Rachel. All the wool and cotton you could ever want and it's reasonably priced too. Plus through in the fact that if you buy a certain amount (I think it's over $30) then the postage is free. I use it all the time and have never had any complaints and the quality is amazing.

thornberry said...

Another vote for Bendigo Woollen Mills. Ring them up and ask them to send you a shade card, so you can see the real colours. You can order online and their service is great. I've used a few of their yarns and am particularly partial to the cotton. Bendigo balls of yarn are huge - 200g balls for between $12 and $16 per ball usually, and they have sales. Excellent value for money.

And at the more luxury end of the spectrum, there is Wollmeise! Sigh...the colours are spectacular. Check out the Wollmeisers Downunder group on Ravelry (and my stash page). It's ordered online as well (or via destash on Ravelry which is easier).

I also keep an eye on yarn sales at Spotty.

Kate said...

Hooray!! I'm so pleased to see your cardi in progress.
I forgot it looked like that in the beginning.
And I am also no help with the yarn buying thing and will be watching your comments for advice.

Maree: said...

Love what you are making Rachel...I bought wool from Bendigo Woollen Mills last year and was so Pleased ..I only buy 100% wool so I was very Happy with the price..

Nikki said...

Yep - I like Bendigo as well. Really fast service and great value.

I bought yarn at the quilt show last year - lots of lovely luxury stuff there. Not cheap but LOVERLY....

And I always keep an eye out at Spotlight, and grab things on sale.

Lisar said...

I know these places are a bit away from where you are, however Sassafras wool store (in the Dandenongs) and Morris and Sons (they have a website) in Melbourne and Sydney.

Kylie said...

Bendigo Woollen Mills

Tangled Yarns

Yarn Over

Are all great places. TY would be the most expensive on that list but she gets in some divine yarns that you cant get anywhere else and her service is fantastic (both face to face and mail order) as is Gabby's (Yarnover)
Off to make you a friend on Rav - I am mumsbusycrafting
Also keep your eye at Spotlight - you just never know what they are going to get rid off - I picked up some Debbie Stoller the other day for $3 a ball.


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