Friday, August 5, 2011

Hermoine Hearts Ron for Maya..

Not much of my knitting gets blogged,  but I am trying to get better at it.  Today is so cold and dark I felt bad asking Maya to go outside for a photo,  but with so many blog posts to catch up on,  I thought we had better just get on with it!

I love this little hat.  It only took a few days to knit up on the couch and was a great way to clear my head after some long days at work.  The pattern combines a bit of lace and cables so its very stretchy.  The Quince & Co chickadee wool is so beautiful to work with too.  This is my first go at cabling and it came together so well.  Maya loves it,  especially as the inspiration for the pattern came from a Harry Potter movie.

If you are interested in making up this free pattern on Ravelry,  my project is listed here


Calidore said...

Stunning Rachel and it suits Maya perfectly. It is the sort of weather to hide inside and knit.

make it perfect said...

cutest beanie ever!


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