Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Yes,  I'm still the bad at blogging.  The working year is nearly finished but I still have a big deadline to go at the "real" job.

It's one month since Ayden turned 18.  Such an exciting and hectic time.  Right at the end of his Year 12 exams and a few days before he went of to schoolies week.  We reserved a table at a local restaurant for Ayden and his friends,  and sat a bit away on our own table while they all celebrated.  It was so good to see him with all his mates and to look at how grown up they all looked. Some of the kids there had been friends since prep.  Amazing.  So now we have an adult son,  who seems to plan to go to see every band and music festival he can drag his mates to for the entire summer.

Friday was results day and I was so nervous for Ayden.  His results were great and he knows he will be able to go his choice of engineering degrees and work in the environmental field. Ayden has overcome literacy problems and to achieve an A+ for English was a huge achievement. Fantastic to see his name in the paper on the high achievers list.

And Maya's snake costume... I guess the school was looking for a way to have 45 prep kids involved in the Nativity play.  The way it went was that Santa went to the forest, and while he was there he told all the animals the story of Christmas.  Maya was one of the animals.


Chocolate Cat said...

Congratualations to Ayden on both turning 18 and his results, think the music festivals is a 'end of year 12 and a boy' thing!!!

Jan said...

Well done, Ayden! And well done to you and Matt too, Rachel. Have a wonderful Christmas.

Calidore said...

Happy 18th Ayden and well done on your results.

Tanya said...

big milestones there- Congratulations to Ayden on excellent results and happy birthday, and I guess you have to get creative with trying to include that many kids into the school play!


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