Saturday, April 30, 2011

On Your Toes .. Socks for Kane..

I did a trade with Kane a few weeks ago.  He would sort and size a bunch of dpn's that I had bought from the Op Shop and in exchange I would knit him a pair of socks.  I think he must have been reading over my shoulder when I've been reading Lucy's and Lesley's blogs :)

So my first go was these toe up socks.  The first sock has a few mistakes but the second one turned out really well.  There is a bit of room to grow in the toes.  I'm not silly!  Up on Ravelry here

And Kane's choice of photo styling... with a box.  Kids!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Getting Ready for "Let's Stitch" ..

Have you seen the online event at Quilt Fabric Delights, Let's Stitch?  I've been working on two projects for this event .  Commencing on 2 May and running through the month, online patterns from the creative team and other designers will be released on a secure website, along with competitions and games for just $45.  Great value!

Just a little sneaky peak of one of the projects which has been keeping me busy this month.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter 2011 ..

 I hope everyone has had a happy Sunday. I think we have our own weight in chocolate in the house right now...

We had organised to catch up with my youngest sister and her family today at a local bird park.  Ayden needs everything photographed for Facebook of course so here he is with an endangered Red Tailed Black Cockatoo on his shoulder.   My sister texted my to say the whole family was coming up to meet us.  We though she meant her husbands family - but it was all of mine!   All 17 of us in the one place and excluding Ayden,  all the kids were aged 11 to 1,  I'm surprised the birds would come anywhere near us!

It's going to be hard to crack open these bunnies.  A mama rabbit with four babies- thanks Matt!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Twinkle.. Twinkle

For the past couple of weeks or so I've been trying to make tiny little stars. These little ones are paper pieced and are 3" finished.

Now I have the paper pieces all worked out and a few made I can get on with writing and making the rest of the pattern!

And from little stars to big ones. Ayden's just tolerating me with the camera of course - got to love 17 year old boys. Recently I went to Ayden's graduation for his Cert 2 in Retail, which he completed through a traineeship at his casual job. At least 13 hours a week at work (more like 17 hours a week..) for a year, with additional formal training.
He did so well while getting great marks for Yr 11 at school and finished Yr 12 Geography too. He has signed up for the Cert 3 too this year. I'm so proud of hm and all of his hard work.


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