Saturday, September 24, 2011

Maya's 6th Birthday

Maya turned 6 today!  So exciting to be a big 6 year old girl.  We held her birthday party yesterday she had so much fun with her friends. Maya wore the Jump Rope dress by Oliver + S that I made,  but unfortunately I haven't got a very clear pic of it.  I'll try again next time Maya wears it.  

Maya had lots of lovely compliments on her dress,  and I even admitted to making it to two of the mums (one who knew I sewed as she recognised my name from a book I had pattern tested for).  I wish this pattern wasn't discontinued as I am sure there is still the demand of a classical styled dress like this.

Today we did so many of the things Maya enjoys.  She opened all her presents from us and from her party then we went off to the wildlife park,  where Maya and her brothers had the chance to pat a snake, koala and a 10 month old wombat and have a run around in the park.

Dinner at McDonald's and home for ice cream cake and her choice of DVD, Fantastic Mr Fox to finish the day.  Happy Birthday, Trouble and I hope every minute of being 6 is a lot of fun!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Oliver + S Picnic Blouse for Maya

With the kids on holidays it's a bit easier to get Maya to model some of the clothes I have made her - this one back in May.  It's the Oliver + S Picnic Blouse in size 6.  The pattern also comes with a pair of shorts which I hope to make too for Maya's summer wardrobe.  This was a nice and easy pattern with the added detail and finishing that you expect from an Oliver + S pattern.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Make it Perfect ~ Butterfly Basic Tee

The kids are all on holiday for the next 3 weeks!  When I saw that Maya had picked out this top to wear today I remembered that I hadn't blogged it.   Maya was invited to a party a few weeks ago that had a "police" theme and the kids needed to wear blue tops.  I whipped this one up quickly using my Make it Perfect Basic Tee pattern and added a sweet little butterfly transfer that I had picked up from Spotlight.  This pattern is going to get so much use at our place!

This top has been through the wash a few times and not had an iron near it.. it's good to blog real life isn't it?

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Cathedral Windows block ..

This block for AJ was my last block for Around the Block.  It's been a fantastic quilting bee for the past 2 years and I have enjoyed every minute of it.  I've made friends, learn't some new skill and received some beautiful blocks back.

Can you see why I left this one until last?  I think most of us did!   I surprised myself by finding this block a lot simplier that it looked and I was pleased with the result.  AJ has a tutorial here to make the Cathedral Window,  and it's well worth a try.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Working on ..

Making a Jump Rope Dress by Oliver + S for Maya to wear for her upcoming birthday party.  I'm going slowly in my few minutes of spare time and I want this to look so beautiful for her.   It's a bit further along now,  and the collar is the next step.  I tried to track this pattern down for a year in the larger size and I finally found one through the Oliver + S forum.  Happiness.

Designing a new project for Sew Mama Sew.  These blocks will be mixed with my scraps and stash to make something pretty.

Knitting in front of the tv,  a cardigan for me called Vanadium.  I bit of a dodgy pic,  but the wool is a soft black grey that will go with a lot of my clothes.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

The good and the major fail ..

What a big week!  On Wednesday Kane celebrated his 9th birthday.  We had a busy night with Maya performing "Happy Little Vegemite" at school in the evening as part of the Kinder to Grade 2 presentations leaving Kane having his birthday dinner fairly late.  He had to wait until Friday night to ride his new bike as the week has been that busy. Kane has a fantastic party with his mates on Thursday.  Lots of big ticks there.

And my big fail.  I had finished all these blocks for Gillian for Around the Block.  I thought that the tricky bit would be cutting a circle 6.25 inches across. 

When I had the raw edge blocks all sewn together and trimmed I re-read Gillian's instructions and found that I had sewn too close to the raw edge.  I couldn't live with it and with my sulkiest face on I unpicked all the blocks.  It's put me behind and my seam allowance on the inside is going to be a bit small now too.  Back to the sewing machine I go.


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