Monday, January 23, 2012

Let's keep those kids busy ..

It's week 7 of the school holidays here. I have to say that the trick for the school holidays for me is keeping the kids busy and keeping the costs down.  Our five favourites this year have been kites, fruit picking, swimming at the beach, visiting the wildlife park and experiencing the Melbourne Museum - twice!

We have three kites and the kids love them.  We go down to the local oval and they run up and down and the kites look just beautiful.

A possum seems to be stealing most of our apricots this year,  but we do have raspberries and nectarines to pick.  The kids also love grabbing a bucket and picking plums from some of the local trees and watching the parrots eat them too.

Not much beats the beach at our place!  The kids could go on those boogie boards, build sandcastles and swim all day.  I took this pic of a very happy Kane at Port Fairy this year.

We get good value from our family pass at the Ballarat Wildlife Park too. 

Our first trip to the Melbourne Museum was so enjoyable we were back again for a second visit and we took Ayden along with us too.  Maybe the spiders at the Bugs Alive! Exhibition aren't for everyone but the kids loved all the bugs.   With kids visiting for free,  it's the best value trip to Melbourne for our family too.

Just one more week of holidays to go!


Locket Pocket said...

It is lovely to see your warm sunny photos! It is a clear cold winter's day here - at least it isn't raining - but I could do with some warmth from the sun!! Hope you continue to enjoy your holidays. Lucy xx

WendyBee said...

Eeeeewww! Bugs! Definitely not for me. But count me in on all the other fun stuff!


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