Monday, March 12, 2012

At the quiltshow..

The kids and I made it to the "festival of quilts" this weekend in Ballarat.   Amazing!  Quilts from the 1970's really caught my eye and a beautiful log cabin quilt made in neutrals.  We went to visit Annie's vibrant stall, and catch up with Jodie,  and take a walk around the quilts with Nikki and her daughter and Kathryn and her son.

All I came home with was some sock wool.  My fabric diet seems to mean more yarn,  and I am working my way through this book in the evenings.  A pair of socks in my size is taking around a month to finish in short bursts and I am loving the process.

Just the binding to hand sew down on my pastel baby quilt too.


Nikki said...

Great to see you and your great kids again. Honestly - I think they're amazing.

All I came home with were some of Annie's plants... and about 2 photos. I was so distracted by catching up with you all that I didn't even look at the quilts properly.

Copper Patch said...

Love the baby quilt - simple and fresh. Your new 'Nikki' bag looks great too.

Jan said...

There was so much I missed in Ballarat at the weekend! Had a great time as always at Port Fairy Folk Festival, though. Love those shorts, and the quilt is so pretty.


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