Sunday, April 1, 2012

All okay in the end ..

Saturday was a bit eventful with the guinea pig hutch blowing over in the morning.  Maya's pig Princess was still in the hutch but Kane's piggy Pixie was missing.  The wind was so strong and our block is on a slope and unfortunately the kids had placed the hutch on the wrong angle.  Disaster!  

Maya made Kane this little guinea pig to try and make him feel better.

Kane loves that guinea pig and all five of us were looking around a big block full of gardens and hiding spots.  Matt ended up taking the kids off to a farming expo and I was left to look for the rest of the day.  All day I looked, prepared signs and called the RSPCA and finally after dinner I looked out the window and saw her out eating grass.  I think she must have managed to get under the house and hid there until dusk.

Kane ran out and grabbed her and she was safe.  I had pretty much given up hope but there she was. 

In my few spare minutes after dinner and the capture,  I worked on the shirt I am sewing and managed to cut the top while pinking the seams,  a nice chunk out just above the bust.  Of course I had bought this fabric on the bargain table at spotlight a couple of weeks ago for $5 and I was doubtful I would find more of it. 

We hunted all through the racks, gave up,  checked the remnant bin and thought we would give it one more go.  Callum found it hiding in the $8 pile under some other fabric. So happy!

So things all worked out in the end.


Jane said...

Oh, that little replacement guineapig is so sweet! But I'm glad the real one turned up :)

Nikki said...

What a sweet sister... love the paper guinea pig!!

Here's hoping for a new week without incident for you.

Locket Pocket said...

Oh I'm so glad Kane's guinea pig returned safe and sound! And good news about the fabric too. Lucy xx


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