Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Easter 2012

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter.  We travelled up to my youngest sisters place so the kids and all their cousins on my side of the family could have an easter egg hunt in the paddock. 

My 92 year old Grandma is over from the UK so it was a lovely chance for her to see all the kids and my sisters and I together,  along with our husbands.

Ayden's back from Uni for the week.  He is having a great time at Uni and not finding the workload difficult and making the most of the social life. Maya still misses him a lot. 

Maya made her bunny ears and wore them all day.  So cute!


sheena said...

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Karen said...

Your kids are gorgeous Rach, I love Maya and Ayden together - so sweet.
Glad to hear all is going well for him at Uni.


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