Sunday, April 29, 2012

KCWC ~ Funny Sleeves ~ Days One to Five

Full time work, kids all at home to be entertained on the ANZAC day public holiday and the overlocker deciding it wasn't at all happy and off for a service, kept my sewing time down. I have spent at least an hour a tracing, cutting and sewing clothes for Maya for the Elsie Marley Kids Clothing Week Challenge.

I made these two tops using the Ottobre pattern "funny sleeves" from the Spring 1/2012 issue and I also traced out another top "Roundabout" both in size 122. I will make up this up when the overlocker comes back.

Maya really loves the red spotted top as she feels like a toadstall in it.  In the second red top where Maya is holding her guinea pig, Princess,  you can see the sleeve detail a bit better.  Two rows of shirring elastic created the gathers for a cute look.

For days six to seven,  I have traced and cut out the Clever Charlotte "Finch" shorts and should get a bit of time today to start the sewing.  I won't have them finished in time for the challenge but I will have made a good start and will finish them during the week.

Thanks Elsie Marley for the Challenge!


thornberry said...

I was just looking at this issue this morning and thinking that top would be a great one to make! Maya is getting so grown up now, isn't she!

Tanya said...

I love that she loves it because she feels like a toadstool- that's got me smiling. Great tops- as always, your girl looks pretty happy with them!

Jane said...

WeI saw some real 'fairy' toadstools exactly like that today! Not as cute and smiley though :)

make it perfect said...

These tops are so cute! I'm loving my Otto mags at the moment!


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