Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Monkeys Visit the Tropics ~ FNQ

It's been about 12 years since Matt and I had been away for for than 3 nights in a row or holidayed out of Victoria - since before we had Callum.  It was about that time that Matt started working for himself full time, and then life got a bit crazy with three more kids..

So I'm turning 40,  and I have made it to 16 years service with my full time job and have plenty of long service leave available to me.  I asked for a family holiday,  a couple of weeks of leave from work,  and the big ask of Matt to take time off at one of the busiest times at the Nursery.

We did it and flew up to Cairns last week.  The kids are pictured here at the Lagoon at the Esplanade at Cairns.  Fantastic and those clothes got pretty wet.  We also went shopping at Rusty's Market to try and stock up on tropical fruit. 

We stayed at Trinity Beach,  around 30 minutes from Cairns with our accommodation on the beach front.  Matt and the kids went walking and paddling at the beach each morning and swimming in the Resorts pool each evening. 

Maya is pictured at the Wildlife Habitat at Port Douglas.  Fruit Bats are one of Maya's favourite animals so this was on our list.  We also wanted to see some of the unique FNQ wildlife such as Cassowary's, wallaby species and Tree Kangaroo's

Port Douglas is beautiful and I think we may stay there next time.  We were too late to take the walk through Mossman Gorge but that's on our list for next time too.

We drove further up north to see the Daintree River, and let the kids pose in the crocodile.  We had seen wild crocodiles on our way to Port Douglas which was pretty exciting,  and made us all pay attention to the crocodile warning signs we saw regularly.

We took a  day tour out to the outer Great Barrier Reef.  The kids are here practicing their snorkeling before going out onto the reef.  I didn't make it.  The two hour boat trip out was so rough that at one point we were thrown out of our seats.  Boats and I don't mix well :(

The reef was amazing.  I looked from underwater viewing spots but Matt and Callum went out with an underwater camera and the kids all snorkeled.

Kane is our insect boy so it was off to the rainforest township of Kuranda to see the Australian Butterfly Sanctuary.  Amazing!  It's one of those places that everyone said that they would want to see again.  Tropical butterflies are stunning and it was good to see behind the scenes and the breeding areas too.

Then off for a boardwalk to Barron Gorge.  Maybe my favourite bit to get out and walk through the rainforest in the National Park and look out into the Gorge.  One of those places that I had read about and finally seen.

We did an late afternoon walk through the Cattana wetlands,  which was so eerie.  We kept our eyes out for crocodiles!

Our last photo's at Trinity Beach.  We went to so many places and saw so much.  The kids will have so much to talk about at school today. Fingers crossed we will be back soon! 


Calidore said...

Ohhhh fabulous holiday. Well done on taking a break and enjoying yourselves. It looks like so much fun. Bad luck about the boat ride though.

Chookyblue...... said...

glad you got to get away for a holiday..........

Jodie said...

About time you had a holiday...looks like awesome fun for the monkeys.

make it perfect said...

happy holidays rachel! sounds like you had an amazing time away and happy birthday to you to! x

our shabby cottage said...

Looks like you had a great time away Monkeys. Thanks for sharing the photos

Susie said...

My fave place in the world.....FNQ


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