Friday, August 24, 2012

Book week 2012 ~ Maya the Harp Fairy

Book week is done for 2012 and we made it! I managed to catch a horrendous head cold on Wednesday with what feels like a million deadlines and Maya's costume for book week not even started.  I'm glad that Kane's was done!

Maya the Harp fairy wears a very bright dress and it was a quick run into Spotlight to see if I could find anything that would work.  This bright floral and fruit voile was picked up on the bargain table for $5 a metre and the trim was in my stash, a lovely basic from Quilt Fabric Delights.

I used the Make it Perfect Fab Frocks pattern for the dress, which I love for a quick make.  It only goes up to a size 5 but is a generous fit and I only needed to draft it a little larger for Maya.  As I used voile I also added some fullness into the skirt to add a bit more warmth.

Maya didn't like her hair curly.  She was upset that it looked short!  I'm sure but the end of the day it will be back to waist length for her.


Calidore said...

Both of them look gorgeous. You are a good Mum to do all that sewing and have a bad cold. Hope you are feeling better soon. Tell Maya she isn't the only one who likes long hair. Both my girls do to and they hate having hair cuts as they always think the hairdresser has cut off more than she should..sigh. I do like the curly hair on Maya though.

Jan said...

Love the curls - and the dress - and the smiles. They both look wonderful.

Karen said...

They both look great Rach - the Daisy Meadows books are a big hit around here too.


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