Saturday, November 17, 2012

Maya's Ayashe Blouse ~ The Dayo Costume

It was The Junior School Showcase Performance today, with Maya preforming Dayo and The Adam's Family Theme with the Grade 1's.  Kane played the flute on Liva da Vida Loca and We Will Rock You,  and sang Electricity from the Billy Elliot sound track with the Grade 4's.

Their school is very big on Performing Arts, and I am always so happy that my kids have a lot of confidence on stage and public speaking due to this focus.  The Showcase was amazing.  However I do have to make a lot of costumes.

Maya's costume brief was a skirt below her knees and a blouse.  I borrowed this skirt from Lara which was perfect. Thank Lara!  For the blouse I used the Ayashe Blouse pattern from Figgys Patterns with the front tie option and elasticated waist.  This version is just a poly cotton from Spotlight.

The blouse looks very nice on Maya. It's sweet and pretty and has some nice detail.  It is a bit short and I will add length for Maya next time,  particularly as Maya doesn't like anything against her stomach. It was a struggle for her to pull the skirt up to compensate.  I also found the pattern a bit brief.  I mucked up the first collar I sewed and then changed it to the bias tie as I didn't have time to mess around.

Saying this,  I was at Sewjourn with the girls (hooorayyyy!) and this was duty sewing,  not what I had planned.  I really like the look of the Ayashe blouse so much and it is the style I like to dress Maya in.  I will make it again and see how the next version goes. There are also other variations to try.

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Jane said...

It's a gorgeous blouse - just enough detail without being overly frou-frou. Our kids' school is big on performing and public speaking kind of stuff too. I think it's great for their confidence to be built in that area. The mix of songs your kids performed is pretty funny! (Sounds like just what our school would do too.)


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