Friday, November 30, 2012

Mr Frost's Present

Callum has had a big year in Grade 6.  Only four days too go and they will all be off on camp at the Mornington Peninsula.  I'm quietly celebrating that I won't have any school shirts to iron for the next two months.

This week was the Middle School Visual and Performing Arts showcase too.  Callum's painting is the one at the top, above him.  It's beautiful with a lot of texture, great perspective and detail.

It got to the very last minute but last night I managed to make this gift bag for Callum's teacher, Mr Frost.  Mr Frost is leaving this year and he has spent the past two years as Callum's Learning Mentor.  He is one of those fantastic teachers who is especially good with the boys.

The bags quite tall,  around 11" tall plus the handles.  I used some of my very hoarded Maze and Vale fabric,  linen and text fabric from the Authentic line.  It was a bit hard to give away!

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Calidore said...

I hope Callum enjoys his camp. Like you I'm looking forward to the end of the school year. James is finishing Grade 6 and can't wait. Lovely bag for the teacher. Why is it the good teachers always move on??


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