Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Grade 4 Graduation

Another grainy iphone pic to capture a special moment, which was lucky because I totally forgot my camera with the rush to get to the event on time!
It's hard to believe that the school year finishes tomorrow.  Last night was Kane's graduation ceremony before he goes off to Middle School next year.  I can't believe that our last son has finished at Junior school,  and I think his teacher Mr E will not know himself without one of our boys in his classroom...

The ceremony was beautiful.  The school excels at these events and every child shines.  They spoke about what they are looking forward to next year,  which is mostly the laptops, the big library, their own lockers and the cafe. The highlight was the kids version of "School Thing", their play on the One Direction "One Thing" with a bit of Gangam Style dancing thrown in.  Fun!

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