Saturday, December 8, 2012

Mary ~ Nativity Play Costume

The last event on the school calendar was the carol service and Nativity play which is preformed by the Grade 1's and 2's.  Last year Maya was a snake and you can see the costume here.

I was a bit surprised when the letter came home saying Maya needed a costume to be Mary. Maya thought she was going to be a narrator!

The Mary costume came together very quickly with fabric from my stash.  For the dress I lengthened the Ayashe blouse pattern and made it with blue lawn that I had bought at a Spotlight sale for about a dollar a metre last year sometime. This time I made the pattern with no trouble at all and it came together very quickly. The scarf was a piece of rayon that I simply sewed a rolled hem on my overlocker that was held in place with a hairband.

Maya did a great job!  She isn't the natural performer and its a bit tricky for 7 year olds to sit up front of the Church service.  I will donate the outfit back to the school so any future Mary's can have the option of wearing it if they like.  Sewing a costume at the last minute is not the easiest.


Calidore said...

You did a wonderful job on Maya's costume and she looks so sweet in it. Lovely to hear that the school does the Nativity play - so many don't seem to do anything these days and it never seems the same.

WendyBee said...

As always, I think Maya is lovely. Our public schools are not permitted to do the Nativity store, and I think it is too strict an interpretation of our Constitution. But I do enjoy the presentation our Sunday School students give us each year in Church. It's important to have tissues handy, though.

WendyBee said...

Oops that should be Nativity story, not store.


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