Sunday, April 29, 2012

KCWC ~ Funny Sleeves ~ Days One to Five

Full time work, kids all at home to be entertained on the ANZAC day public holiday and the overlocker deciding it wasn't at all happy and off for a service, kept my sewing time down. I have spent at least an hour a tracing, cutting and sewing clothes for Maya for the Elsie Marley Kids Clothing Week Challenge.

I made these two tops using the Ottobre pattern "funny sleeves" from the Spring 1/2012 issue and I also traced out another top "Roundabout" both in size 122. I will make up this up when the overlocker comes back.

Maya really loves the red spotted top as she feels like a toadstall in it.  In the second red top where Maya is holding her guinea pig, Princess,  you can see the sleeve detail a bit better.  Two rows of shirring elastic created the gathers for a cute look.

For days six to seven,  I have traced and cut out the Clever Charlotte "Finch" shorts and should get a bit of time today to start the sewing.  I won't have them finished in time for the challenge but I will have made a good start and will finish them during the week.

Thanks Elsie Marley for the Challenge!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Modkid Frida Top for Maya..

I forgot to blog the one top that I finished in the KCWC last October.   I had a lovely stack of patterns to work on but only the top one was done,  but realistically that is still a good achievement for me.

The  Modkid "Frida" pattern had been on my wish list for awhile,  but when it was re-released in sizes 2-10, I snapped it up.  Maya picked out the fabric which I think was from a line called Party Dress.  Purple with little orange bugs really appeals to Maya and I have lined the top with a matching deep apricot homespun.

Maya is getting to be a big girl.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Finished Trilobite Socks

My Trilobite socks are finished.  I'm so pleased with them.  A nice amount of easy lacy detail to keep me interested and a good length for Ballarat winters

I can't believe that I can knit socks!  These are again from the book by Wendy D Johnson,  Socks from the Toe Up.

This weekend I will be tracing off a couple of patterns for the Kids Week Clothes Challenge.  I haven't made much of a dint in my sewing for Maya this year,  so it will be nice to make a few things for her.  I will probably in the next size up for Summer.  Maya would live in shorts if she had the chance.  I might even post a few pics from the last challenge in October too.  I fell a bit behind there...

If you would like to join the challenge,  click here to go to the post on the Elsie Marley blog.

Monday, April 16, 2012

More stars for the boys

Each month I am aiming to make a project from my scraps and stash.  This one will be an ongoing project between a few commitments,  but I have selected a large pile of fresh fabrics to make these 8" sawtooth star blocks.

I'm planning on making 30 for another baby quilt with more "boy" colours.  I love seeing my scraps come together like this.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

I made it ~ a shirt!

Soldier pose - didn't know what to do with my hands

The proof  ... I made a shirt that I can wear!

I work in an office three days a week and I sometimes need to look presentable.  As ladies with a large bust know,  it's very hard to find a well fitting shirt for office wear.   I used McCall's 6035 pattern which offers four different sleeve options and cup sizes from A/B to D and also claims to be easy.

The pattern wasn't difficult but I did take a lot of time and care over it.  Unfortunately I fitted between a 12 and a 14 so ended up buying both sizes of the pattern and I added an inch to the length too.  It's the first time I have sewn princess seams.

I used the fancy sleeve option with drawstrings to gather up the sleeves and to tie in a bow at the bottom.  I like this option and love a bit of extra detail.  I should have checked that my sleeves were even though before the photo.

The fabric is a cotton with some stretch which I found at spotlight on the $5 table and is a silvery blue.

I dragged poor Ayden off the couch to take the photo's.  He had his wisdom teeth out yesterday and is a poor thing,  who didn't want the camera any where near him.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Easter 2012

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter.  We travelled up to my youngest sisters place so the kids and all their cousins on my side of the family could have an easter egg hunt in the paddock. 

My 92 year old Grandma is over from the UK so it was a lovely chance for her to see all the kids and my sisters and I together,  along with our husbands.

Ayden's back from Uni for the week.  He is having a great time at Uni and not finding the workload difficult and making the most of the social life. Maya still misses him a lot. 

Maya made her bunny ears and wore them all day.  So cute!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

My Creative Space ~ Trilobite Socks-in-Progress

I thought I might join in My Creative Space today,  since it's hard to blog with knitting socks that take so long to make!

This is my progress on the Trilobite Socks from Socks from the Toe Up by Wendy D Johnson.  I might be wearing them under boots because I just kept knitting until I nearly ran out of wool,  so they are fairly long but who needs more wool scraps?

The lacy pattern looks good when the socks are on,  but I'll wait until I have finished both to show the detail... it may  be a few weeks though.

More creative spaces to see here

Did you notice the fundraiser for the Tassie Devils on my side bar?  This isn't a paid advertisement, but something we are supporting.  Tassie Devils are Maya's second favourite animals,  after a tied first with Penguins and Seals (except Leopard Seals because they eat penguins) and we don't want to lose them.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

All okay in the end ..

Saturday was a bit eventful with the guinea pig hutch blowing over in the morning.  Maya's pig Princess was still in the hutch but Kane's piggy Pixie was missing.  The wind was so strong and our block is on a slope and unfortunately the kids had placed the hutch on the wrong angle.  Disaster!  

Maya made Kane this little guinea pig to try and make him feel better.

Kane loves that guinea pig and all five of us were looking around a big block full of gardens and hiding spots.  Matt ended up taking the kids off to a farming expo and I was left to look for the rest of the day.  All day I looked, prepared signs and called the RSPCA and finally after dinner I looked out the window and saw her out eating grass.  I think she must have managed to get under the house and hid there until dusk.

Kane ran out and grabbed her and she was safe.  I had pretty much given up hope but there she was. 

In my few spare minutes after dinner and the capture,  I worked on the shirt I am sewing and managed to cut the top while pinking the seams,  a nice chunk out just above the bust.  Of course I had bought this fabric on the bargain table at spotlight a couple of weeks ago for $5 and I was doubtful I would find more of it. 

We hunted all through the racks, gave up,  checked the remnant bin and thought we would give it one more go.  Callum found it hiding in the $8 pile under some other fabric. So happy!

So things all worked out in the end.


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